Anne of Avonlea (The Anne of Green Gables Novels #2) ~ L.M. Montgomery

My copy of "Anne of Avonlea" by L.M. Montgomery

My copy of “Anne of Avonlea” by L.M. Montgomery

As in the first book, Anne Shirley is still as spirited as ever. She’s now a young woman of sixteen, and quite determined to be a good teacher to her pupils. She has befriended a small boy named Paul Irving and they both share their imaginary worlds with each other. In addition to being a teacher, she and her friends have formed a club in which they will make their hometown of Avonlea a better place for all. They gather donations from the local residents towards a specific project to fix it up.

With everything else going on in their lives, Marilla and Anne have taken on the task of raising twins. Prim and proper, Dora obeys every rule perfectly and does exactly as told. On the other hand, a very energetic Davy continually gets into one scrape after another, and can’t help but being Anne’s favorite. The twins bring an adventurous and childish feel to the story.

Throughout the book Anne gets into some trouble, wonders where her life will lead, makes new friends and has to make some very difficult choices. I felt that the book sped along nicely, then it slowed, then it picked up again near the end. Anne of Avonlea is as good as its first book Anne of Green Gables and is a great story. I felt that since Anne is older, she didn’t have as many mistakes as she did when she was younger, though she did get into some pretty funny things. But with Davy and Dora, it made up for the things I missed because of the things they (mostly Davy) got into. Anne continually encouraged Davy to ‘be as good as Paul Irving’. Davy was constantly trying to measure up to Paul, even though Paul is several years his senior. I felt a little sorry for Davy, because he was trying his best. One thing I did enjoy was that there was an unexpected surprise about a friend of Anne’s. A surprise that I will not mention for spoilers sake, though I will say that it was very good surprise and twist. :)

I plan to start reading the third book tomorrow, and when I am finished I shall post another review for you all!

Now, I have a question for you. :) Have you read Anne of Avonlea? Did you like, or dislike it? Why or why not? :) Thanks for reading!



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Email Notification with Jumbles of Letters

I’ve had a couple people tell me that when they got their ‘New Post on A Bookworm’s Majestic Adventure’ email, it was only a jumble of letters. Sorry about that! There IS actually a post called ‘Samsung ST66 HD 5X Camera’, though. When I attached the photos something didn’t work and pasted the jumbles of letters and numbers instead. Everything is all fixed now, though. Thanks! :D


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Samsung ST66 HD 5X Camera

My Samsung ST66 HD Camera – Front

My Samsung ST66 5X HD Camera – Back

I got my camera for Christmas two years ago, and have used it nearly every day. I love to take pictures of everything under the sun (literally), and this camera was just perfect. It’s small, light and has great picture quality. When I was given my camera, I also received an SD card because the camera itself does not have much memory. I highly recommend getting the SD card; I’ve had over 200 photos on my camera at one time without it being full, so there’s no need to worry about running out of memory when on a photo shoot.

There are many things I like about this camera. First, I liked its size. I can fit it into my pocket like I would a cell phone, or it will tuck easily into my purse. The camera comes with a wrist strap that you can slip your hand into so it won’t drop, but it’s not adjustable so you can tighten it to your wrist.

I was very impressed with the battery life. The battery lasts for a long time; it can go for days without charging.

This camera doesn’t have a lot of buttons on it, and once you get to know the few there are then you’ll have no trouble at all.

Pressing the Menu button opens up a variety of choices to personalize your camera such as the sound the shutter makes, the photo size, display brightness and what language you want it, and more.

The Mode button brings up different types of pictures you can take. In the ‘Scene’ section, you can choose to take a picture in ‘sunset mode’, ‘text’, ‘beauty shot’ and more. Personally, I don’t care much for the settings in the Scene section because I can take just as good of photos using Smart Auto.

Smart Auto doesn’t allow you to have any effects when taking pictures (unless you add the effects after the picture is taken) but it produces clear, crisp photos. It can be picky about how close the camera is to an object before it gets blurry, however. It is a little frustrating at times, but if you have the patience to just adjust the camera, all is well. One thing I have found quite irritating is that after you take a picture while in Smart Auto mode, you have to wait until the ‘SMART A’ button on the side stops flashing before you can take another photo. It is very frustrating when I am trying to get a picture of something that’s passing by, but if you go into any other camera mode there is no problem with this.

If you want to add effects while taking a picture, you would choose ‘Program’. Program allows you to add one of nine different effects, and then take a picture with that effect. (You access these effects by pressing the Fn button, and then it will bring up a menu of options that are available.) The effects are very good ones, and they give my pictures something more. I really love using the effects. You can even add effects after a picture has been taken, as I mentioned before. You can do this by going to the photo you want to edit, the press Menu, Edit, Smart Filter. :)

The zoom works fairly well, but it depends on what setting you are in. If you are in the Program setting it gets blurry faster, but if you are in Smart Auto it works very well!

There is a video camera, and it works very well. The video quality is good, but the sound is iffy. When you go back to watch the video, sometimes the audio is very quiet, yet other times it is just fine. It’s something to mess around with. But since I do not use the video camera much I don’t know if it is a certain option I have set up. Either way, what matters more to me is the picture quality.

This camera is the best I have ever used, and I use it very often. I recommend this camera to anybody who loves to take pictures!

What about you? Do you own a Samsung ST66 or any other type of camera? How do you like yours?


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Neon Sharpie 5 Pack

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. I’ll begin posting regularly again now. :)

My five neon Sharpies and its ink.

My five neon Sharpies and its ink.

I am in love with Sharpies. They come in all colors; they are bright and fun to write stuff with. The same time I got my Gold Metallic Sharpie I bought a five-pack of the Neon Sharpies for $5 from Staples.

The five colors that come in the pack are: yellow, green, blue, orange and pink. The are undoubtedly bright, and the package claims the ink glows under a black light. Since I don’t own a black light, I haven’t tested this but once I do I will let  you know.

I have used these Sharpies for everything: I’ve drawn, colored small shapes in, written and decorated. These Sharpies are a big hit with me, they have everything I love as far as color and getting five colorful markers in a five pack. The life of the pen is a big thing for me, I like to have my pens and markers last me a while. So far these markers are doing wonderfully: The ink is still bright and consistent with no drying out as I use them. A+ markers, I highly recommend them.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you have an excellent Christmas day today with your family and friends celebrating Christ’s birth!

I’ll post another review soon after the New Year starts! Have a fantastic rest of 2013!


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Gold Metallic Sharpie

My Gold Metallic Sharpie Marker

My Gold Metallic Sharpie Marker

A few months ago, I bought a Gold Metallic Sharpie marker. It cost $2.50, which I thought was a little expensive. But it’s a brand name sharpie, and I thought the Gold Metallic color was cool, so it was worth it.

I used the marker immediately when I got home. I wrote fancy words with it, taking care not to press to hard so I didn’t ruin its tip. The Sharpie worked great for a little over month or maybe two and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t use it everyday, and when I did use it, I used it only for adding detail and writing more fancy words.

Recently I found that my Gold Metallic Sharpie appeared to be drying out. I kept it stored with my other Sharpie markers in a coffee mug on my desk. When I would use my Sharpie the ink would be spotty, and wouldn’t be as bold in color as it was, just as if it was drying out. I kept the lip pushed on all the way, so I didn’t know what was causing this.

After looking my Sharpie over, I found that it proper care instructions were to ‘Store Tip Down’. It had been stored whichever way it happened to fall when I tossed my Sharpie in with the rest. I kept my Sharpie tip down, hoping that the ink had just gone to the other end of the pen. I didn’t use the pen for a few days.

I took the pen out to test it and it was still the same as before. To this day I’m not sure what’s wrong with my Sharpie; if it’s because the Sharpie Company put less ink in to make more money, or what’s wrong. I asked a friend of mine about it, who had the same marker, and she said the same thing has happened to hers as well. It’s disappointing.

If I see the Gold Metallic Sharpie ever go on sale, I’ll most likely buy one so I can use my favorite marker again. Having the ink run out so quickly was really disappointing; especially for the price I paid. But I still love the color. Overall, it’s a good idea, but life of this pen is not anywhere near the life of other markers or pens.

So, now that you know about the ink problem I’ve had with the Sharpie, do you think you will get one or not? Have you had this problem with the Gold Metallic Sharpie, or any other ones?


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Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph Movie Poster

I rented Wreck it Ralph a couple days ago. It was a Disney movie I hadn’t seen yet and I was interested in watching it. From what I’d heard it seemed like a cute movie. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed with the movie.

The film is set in a gaming arcade and after the arcade is closed for the day the characters within the games come to life. The game characters can travel between the arcade games as well.

The main character, named Ralph, is the bad-guy in the game called Fix-It Felix. He never gets any credit for the buildings that he wrecks, while Felix (the good guy of the game) always gets credit and praise for his fixing. Ralph doesn’t have any friends, and lives alone in the garbage dump. Felix lives in the luxurious penthouse with his friends. Ralph longs to be the good guy in a game and be appreciated.

Ralph decides to make a deal with the tenants of the Penthouse. If Ralph can get a gold medal, the medal being awarded to the good guy at the end of each game, then he can live with everyone in the Penthouse. Ralph sets out to win himself a medal, and in the process he lets out a dangerous enemy.

I will admit that Wreck-it Ralph had some cute features to it. The guards of the candy castle were Oreo cookies, and they were chanting: “Or-e-o. Ohhhh. Or-e-o. Ohhhh.”
I was also impressed how they had a Diet Coke pond with hanging mento candies over it. If a candy fell in, the diet coke would shoot up, like when you drop a mento mint into a bottle of Coke.

There were several things I didn’t like in this movie. First, I didn’t like that when Ralph went to a bad-guy group, Satan was there. I could understand how they were all villains, but I didn’t care for them putting Satan into a child’s film. It just didn’t seem right to me.

Later on in the movie, there was potty humor. I find potty humor inappropriate and didn’t like that either.

In addition to the enemy that Ralph let loose, there is later discovered that there is another villain as well. I found this second villain a little weird looking; he looked like a clown with a long neck with a body of a bug. It was weird. And the villain was just evil.

I thought bringing the video game characters to life was very cute. The idea was very similar to Toy Story, but it had its own spin to it. The characters from the games all had different graphics from the earlier games to the more high definition games. It was impressive how much detail the put into the movie.
But, as I said before, I was extremely disappointed with this movie. I won’t be watching it again.

What are your thoughts on Wreck it Ralph?




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