Music Monday – August 24

Music Monday August 24 | Majestic Adventures

It’s a beautiful start to a beautiful week, and what better way to start off the week than with a brand new song by the wonderful Natalie Grant?!

Well, cupcakes, perhaps. But I am fresh out of cupcakes, specifically the virtual kind, so I guess we’re out of luck. Music will just have to suffice. ;)

But that’s right folks. A brand new song that was just released six days ago by Natalie Grant! And if you’ve never heard of Natalie Grant before, that is totally okay. I will introduce you to her via a small bio I summarized that I found on her website, here.

Natalie Grant Be OneMulti-Grammy nominated Natalie Grant is a powerhouse vocalist, heart-gripping songwriter, and charismatic performer who has consistently remained one of the top selling Christian & Gospel artists since her 2005 breakout RIAA Gold certified album, Awaken.  The Gospel Music Association named her the 2012 Female Vocalist of the Year, an honor that she’s received 5 times.  Natalie’s latest album, “Hurricane,” debuted at #1 on the Christian Billboard Charts in the fall of 2013. 

Her newest song is titled “Be One.” I love it. It has such a catchy tune and I love the words, especially “Calling all hearts, calling all hands, calling all feet to take a stand. Why sit around and wait for a miracle to come, when we can be one.” And I just had to share it with you! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

Happy Monday everyone, and until the next post! (And perhaps by then I will have some virtual cupcakes to hand out to you all. ;))

I hope you enjoyed the song! Did you have a favorite part, or did you love the whole thing? And if you didn’t really care for it–totally okay! Everyone has a different taste in music. :D But if you did happen to enjoy it, perhaps you’ll like these songs also by Natalie Grant! :)

Hurricane // Closer to Your Heart // Your Great Name

Hiking is Fun! Poison Ivy, not so much.

Hiking is Fun, Poison Ivy is Not | Majestic Adventures

Ever have one of those times where you’re about to go somewhere and you think to yourself “Maybe I should _____ just in case.” And then you contemplate it a bit more and think, “Nah, I’ll be fine” only to wish you had done that thing you didn’t feel like doing in the first place? Ever do that? This was me approximately three and a half hours ago as I contemplated whether or not to wear full-length jeans instead of shorts while hiking in the woods. XD

So why did I hesitate?  The reason I hesitated at changing into jeans is this: it’s 70 degrees F and humid. I was already hot in my t-shirt and shorts, I didn’t even want to think about what I would feel like after I changed. Besides, what could happen in the woods? If we got eaten up by bugs we could spray ourselves with bug spray. If we ran into poison ivy, well, we wouldn’t because we would just say on the path–right? (right?!)


We arrived at the nature trail we were going to hike through and started out on it.  The bugs weren’t too bad and I was really able to admire God’s handiwork as we meandered through the trail. The afternoon sun was shining through the canopy of trees that were tall above us. It was beautiful out. But it was when we turned off the gravel path and onto the less-traveled one that I started second guessing myself about my choice of attire.

I knew my brother had a destination in mind: he wanted to see if a certain area of the river would be good for fishing, and at first we were fine. The wide gravel path narrowed into a skinny woodchip one, and we stepped over the occasional log that had fallen in our way, no biggy.

And then suddenly we were making our own path, foraging through the thick of the jungle, exploring unknown territory where no man has ever gone before. … Well, maybe that’s a (slight) exaggeration. I’d been back on this particular path many times before but that was months ago (one of which was the time I saw a muskrat) and it wasn’t that overgrown.

“It’s really different back here,” I said.

My brother, who had been smart and worn jeans, kept moving ahead of me. “Why, what was it like the last time you were here?”

“Dead. Well, not dead, but not this grown yet.”

Our woodchip path dissolved into one of our own making as we stomped through the tall grass. And then I saw the dreaded leaves of three. And there was no way I could leave them be, because that was exactly where I needed to go! So I just carefully stepped and hopped over them, wishing I had worn the jeans because I’ve done the poison ivy bit before and didn’t feel like going through it again. My brother showed me where to step so I wouldn’t get into poison ivy, but I don’t think it could be avoided, not with how much poison ivy there was and me without full-length pants on.

We climbed over a tree that had fallen in our path (which was actually kinda fun) and then–hallelujah! A clearing! We were out of the woods. For about a minute, and then we dove straight back in so we could get to the spot at the river we were headed towards. It was riddled with poison ivy. I have no doubt in my mind that I touched some, because there was no avoiding it. After a while I wondered why I was even trying to avoid it anymore, we went through so much! LOL! :D

But I tried really, really hard not to complain. I tried to think of the positives. It was an adventure, and I love adventures! I was in God’s wonderful creation spending time with my sibling. (Yes, mosquitos and all. I thought bug spray was supposed to discourage them??) I even had something new to write about on my blog. (teeheehee)

A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures | A WordPress Blog

At last we made it to our destination, an open area where there were few trees and even less poison ivy! My brother searched around for worms to use for fishing bait, but all he found was a slug and a lot of ants. And without bait you can’t do much fishing. We were there about 15 minutes before he decided we should just turn back and head home.

I planned what I would do back at home as we walked back the way we came. First I would make a mental note to wear jeans the next time I’m going to go traipsing through the woods. I’d drink a tall glass of water (another note for next time would be to fill a water bottle) and then I’d douse myself in Dawn Dish Soap. Because, little fun fact, Dawn Dish Soap (or Fels-Naptha laundry soap) breaks down the oil of the poison ivy so that it can be washed away.

And I got home and did just that. I’m scratched up from thorny bushes and itchy from mosquito bites–but no poison ivy yet! And hopefully it will stay that way. Time will tell, I suppose! ;)

A little friendly advice from the blogger of Majestic Adventures? While adventures are fun, poison ivy is not. Jeans might be a good idea when hiking. Either that or have plenty of Dawn Dish Soap on hand!!! ;) (Oh, and bug spray. It’s mosquito season, you know!)


It is now two days later and I am here to confirm that, yes, I have poison ivy. The day after writing this post, my ankle started itching with what I thought were mosquito bites. But upon further inspection…it’s poison ivy. Aack!

Ring of Secrets | Roseanna M. White, Review

OH WHY HELLO THERE. And what is this? A book review on a bookish blog that even has the word ‘Bookworm’ in the title? Nooooo, really? You’re kidding. Yes. This is no joke, ladies and gents. A BOOK REVIEW ON MY BLOG. The last one was a long time ago…over a year. O_O

But alas, it is time for another.


Ring of SecretsLove Has No Place in a World of Spies

 1779—Winter Reeves is an aristocratic American Patriot forced to hide her heart amid the British Loyalists of the city of New York. She has learned to keep her ears open so she can pass information on British movements to Robbie Townsend, her childhood friend, and his spy ring. If she’s caught, she will be executed for espionage, but she prays the Lord’s protection will sustain her, and Robbie has taught her the tools of the trade—the wonders of invisible ink, secret drop locations and, most importantly, a good cover.

Bennet Lane returns to New York from his Yale professorship with one goal: to find General Washington’s spy hidden among the ranks of the city’s elite. Searching for a wife was supposed to be nothing more than a convenient cover story for his mission, but when he meets Winter, with her too-intelligent eyes in her too-blank face, he finds a mystery that can’t be ignored.

Both are determined to prevail at any cost…and each is committed to a separate cause. Will God lead them to a shared destiny or lives lived apart?


DOESN’T THIS SOUND INTERESTING. SPIES. REVOLUTIONARY WAR. LOVE. AH.  I was browsing Roseanna’s blog, which while we are on that topic I will just say that she also DESIGNS covers. YES. I love to look around at her Behind the Design section on her blog, because it’s pretty amazing how she does that. Anyways, as I was saying, I was browsing Roseanna’s blog when I stumbled across some of the books that she’s written. I love historical fantasy, and that’s what she writes. (!!!) I love the books where the characters have a faith in God, and they live by it. So then when I saw that I could order it from my library…YES!

Winter was my favorite character out of everyone. She’s living with her grandparents in the aristocracy of New York, attending the same balls and social gatherings as military officials–what a better position for a spy than that? She has the perfect guise–it’s easy for people to let sensitive information slip when they assume that you’re stupid and mindless. Winter is witty, and she made me chuckle quite a few times. People would say one thing, and Winter would pretend to think it meant something totally different. I also sympathized with her–she couldn’t be who she really was for such a long time. She lived with people who hated her and had friends who could care less. And yet through it all, she remained strong with her faith in God. I love books like that.

There are a lot of characters, and I got pretty confused about who was who, to be honest. But with as many characters as there were, Mrs. White did a wonderful job with them, giving them all unique roles in the story. As was so in 1779, people spoke in old English. At times I had to reread over the same things a couple or a few times, because I didn’t understand. There were some words that I didn’t know the meaning to as well. But the old English helped with the authenticity of the story, and the big words–hey, I expanded my vocabulary, peoples! :D The writing was excellent as well–some parts were choppy, but it wasn’t so often that it hindered the reading experience.

Winter, in trying to gain information to pass along the spy ring, gained the attention of a Colonel Isaac Fairchild. Fairchild was a kind man who genuinely cared, and I actually liked him. I surprised myself; I wasn’t expecting to like him, but I did, and…I won’t say anymore about the subject, because spoilers! You’re welcome.

And then Bennet Lane comes along, a man who finds women baffling and stutters when conversing with one, and he’s immediately intrigued with the mysterious Winter Reeves, determined to uncover the woman behind the mask. His awkwardness was extremely endearing. His relationship with his family wasn’t perfect (as was Winter’s replationship with her grandparents) and I liked that. No family is perfect, and I liked seeing that in this book. From the beginning of the book to the end of the book, you could see Ben’s character change and grow. Another good point! I like characters who change and become better at the end of the book than they were in the beginning. :)

I don’t think I paid enough attention during the book, because at the end, I went O_O Wait, what?! IT WAS A REALLY GOOD ENDING, BUT AT FIRST I DIDN’T GET IT. Why didn’t I get it? I think because I didn’t read some information correctly. I can’t tell you what, because again, SPOILERS. (You’re welcome, again.) At first I was a little disappointed with the ending, because there’s more books in the series and I was like WHERE ARE THEY GOING TO GO FROM HERE THOUGH IF EVERYTHING IS GOOD? and then I look at the first page of the next book (because this book includes a teaser of the next book) and I realized it follows another character. SO NOW I AM COMPLETELY HAPPY WITH THE ENDING, AND I WANT TO READ THE SECOND BOOK, AND THE FREE NOVELLA THAT TAKES PLACE BETWEEN THE FIRST AND SECOND. It’s on my Kindle, just waiting to be read.

Other random points about the book that I don’t know where to place in the review so I will just place here: Part of the reason I love historical fiction (i.e. Lynn Austin and Janette Oke’s works…) is because the books are fiction, but set in a real time era, and real life events still find themselves wrapped throughout the story. I love that! And this was the same way. Washington, the British, Benedict Arnold, and I even recgonized some names of famous spies who were part of the real Culper Ring! That’s pretty darn cool.

Another point for this book would be the whole spy part of it! The way that the Winter and her friend Robbie left each other secret messages with heat or acid revealing invisible ink, and how the way they dressed would reveal when, where, and how urgent the secret message they left was. It’s just cool.

So I’m guessing that you can see that I enjoyed this book. Sure, a couple of things that didn’t go so hot, but as you can tell there are way more things that were good about this book than bad. And the good certainly makes it worth reading, believe me. I’d reccommend this book to anyone who would enjoy a good historical fiction story, with romance, drama, and Christian faith mixed in. Also a good bit of nailbiting, because there were some spots….

Basically saying, THIS BOOK WAS GREAT.

Wait, what’s that? Why is this font purple? Because purple is gorgeous. :D Anyhoo, I’m just curious, are you a historcial fiction reader? Yes, no, maybe so? I would love to know! I myself love a good historcial fiction novel, though I haven’t read exessive amount of them, I still do enjoy them immensely. What about you?! :D Also, the question I am dying to know the answer to, would you read this book?!


Music Monday! Oops, I mean Tuesday – June 30

Happy Monday Tuesday!

Kerrie Roberts

This week’s artist is named Kerrie Roberts. I didn’t know much about her at all; I had only heard one of her songs before on the radio, and randomly decided to look it up again yesterday. Thus, I am now a fan of Kerrie Roberts. If you’re like me and had never heard about her before now, let me give you a little bio! (This was also my first time even reading about her, so yes. If you’ve never heard about her, you’re not alone!!!) Below is my summarized version of this one here.


Kerrie Roberts has been singing as early as five years old. She sang in church, and at home with her sister and mom around their piano. She grew up with parents who helped hurting and broken people, and that is the exact thing that Kerrie hopes to do with her songs. One of the things she wants to share through her songs, is the unconditional love from God that she’s had poured into her own life.


And now, moving onto how I discovered today’s song! Yesterday (when it was actually Monday) I accidentally discovered the song while browsing through a bunch of other songs, looking for her song titled No Matter What. It was the only song that I had ever heard by her, and I decided that I wanted to listen to it.

While searching for that one, I found a more recent song titled My Heart’s Lifted. I listened to that one next, and I loved it instantly. Looooooooooooooved ittttttttttttttttttt. It’s so happy! It’s so upbeat and awesome and has a catchy tune! Plus Kerrie Roberts has a great voice.

I love the lyrics especially. The song itself is about being freed from your past mistakes once you accept Jesus Christ (the way I felt that day when Your grace, glowing like an ember, burned my past away). Being free from the weight of the world because of Jesus (this world can’t bring me down because of all You’re done). And just feeling joy about it (Oh my soul keep singing, all day long this is my song, my heart’s lifted).

Who’s ready to listen? :D (meeeeeeeee.) Alright, here you are! :D My Heart’s Lifted, performed by the amazing artist, Kerrie Roberts!

(also the acoustic version is amazing as well.)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Did you like this week’s song for Music Monday? You might also be interested in these, also by Kerrie Roberts!

No Matter What // Beautiful to Me







Music Monday – June 8

It’s time for Music Monday again!

living hope

This week’s song is titled “Future” by Francesca Battistelli. It was released on June 2, on the album Living Hope, a various artist CD put out by Pizza Ranch. (For more information on the CD, this site has some good info.) I about freaked out when I saw it on YouTube. I LOVE Franny B!


She is my most favorite artist in the history of ever. I love the style and words to her songs. They’re encouraging, full of God’s truth, and they’re catchy! Her newest record, If We’re Honest, was released on April 22, 2014. (I personally think it’s her best yet!) Francesca blogs at Honeycomb about her life and other various things. It’s pretty cool! :D

And now without further ado, Future, as performed by Francesca Battistelli. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

But wait! There’s more! She also did a behind the song, which is always neat to listen to. If you have a minute and nineteen seconds, you should check that out as well!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Did you like this week’s song for Music Monday? You might also be interested in these, also by Francesca Battistelli!

Keeping Score // Beautiful Beautiful

10 Favorite Screen Characters Tag

10 Favorite Screen Characters Tag | Majestic Adventures

Hello hello! I have been nominated by the lovely Sarah @ Life of a Homeschooler to participate in a “10 Favorite Screen Characters Tag.” My second ever tag. (You can read my first one here) I love tags. I am very excited. So, here’s what’s gonna happen here. Below I am going to share some characters that I like from some of my favorite shows! Boom baby! You guys ready? Let’s see if we share any favorites!

Barney Fife | Favorite Screen Characters, Majestic Adventures1. Barney Fife (Don Knotts) | The Andy Griffith Show

Barney. Dear Barney. He’s my all-time favorite character of The Andy Griffith Show. Working as a deputy in small town Mayberry, Barney’s full of big and wild ideas. Barney gets worked up about the littlest things, and small towns like Mayberry really have no need of tear gas and smoke bombs, but don’t tell him that. ;) He carries his one bullet in his front pocket because of how many times he’s accidentally fired it! Even though he sometimes meddles in other people’s business, he means well and genuinely cares about others. (Plus Don Knotts himself is just hilarious. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken and The Shakiest Gun in the West are hilarious, and I love his character in both those movies as well!)


Data | Favorite Screen Characters, Majestic Adventures2. Data (Brent Spiner) | Star Trek: Next Generation

Data the Android! Because he’s a robot, he doesn’t have emotions or feelings, and he’s constantly trying to understand human behavior and to be more “humanlike.” Some of the things he says though are just plain funny, like the picture. I can hear him saying it in my head in a monotone tone (since he doesn’t have emotions he doesn’t have any fluctuation in his voice) and it just makes me chuckle every time. (Most) everything he does is logical, and that’s just Data!


Olaf | Favorite Screen Characters, Majestic Adventures3. Olaf (Josh Gad) | Frozen

FROZEN. I didn’t see this movie when it first came out, so I was pretty anxious to see what made this movie so great. So when I did finally see it, Olaf became was my (one of many) favorite character. He’s hilarious! He enjoys warm hugs and doesn’t “have a skull. Or bones.” He enjoys all things warm, but doesn’t have much experience with heat. And he’s a true believer that some people are worth melting for. With these reasons and more, it’s easy to see why so many people love Olaf! He’s a happy-go-lucky snowman buddy, and frankly, super adorable.


Samwise the Brave | Favorite Screen Characters, Majestic Adventures4. Samwise the Brave (Sean Astin) | The Lord of the Rings

Dear ol’ Sam is my favorite character in the LOTR trilogy. He’s loyal, brave (hence his name, Samwise the Brave) and perseveres. He stuck with Frodo even when Frodo got really loopy and weird because of The Ring. Sam went back for Frodo and saved him from the orcs and a giant spider, and then carried Frodo up Mount Doom! Sam’s a true friend, and that’s why he’s earned a rank on ten of my top favorite screen characters.


Larry the Cucumber | Favorite Screen Characters, Majestic Adventures5. Larry the Cucumber (Mike Nawrocki) | VeggieTales

I love VeggieTales. Larry the Cucumber is my favorite. While he’s not busy being LarryBoy with “super suction ears!” he’s singing silly songs about his lips, Cebu’s, and water buffalos. He’s part of a gang of pirates, The Pirate Who Don’t Do Anything. What do they do? They don’t do anything.  He’s known for losing his hairbrush and, in case you were wondering, he’s a cucumber, not a pickle.


Mr. Howell | Favorite Screen Characters, Majestic Adventures6. Mr. Howell (Jim Backus) | Gilligan’s Island

I’ve watched and rewatched Gilligan’s Island many many times. I love all the characters, but I really like the billionare Mr. Howell. He thinks about ways to make more money, and sometimes just about himself, but cares about the other castaways on the island as well. He makes sure he has his teddy bear when he goes to bed at night, but if someone really needs it, he’ll loan it out.


Jessica Fletcher | Favorite Screen Characters Murder, She Wrote7. Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) | Murder, She Wrote

I love Murder, She Wrote. Jessica is pretty amazing because she’s not only a (world?)famous mystery author, she solves mysteries as well. I mean, 12 seasons worth of solved mysteries. That takes some pretty awesome detective work there. It also makes for a really awesome show. Sometimes I can’t even guess who did it, and I like to be surprised. She helps her many friends, nieces and nephews when they get in trouble. Plus, there’s typewriters, and I really like typewriters. (The looks of them at least. I have never used one.)


Elizabeth Thatcher | Favorite Screen Characters, Majestic Adventures8. Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow) | When Calls the Heart

I love this show. Despite the fact that it doesn’t follow the book but for about five little details, it is a marvelous show. A little predictable, but still. Marvelous. And I haven’t seen the second season yet, so I am kindly requesting you please no spoilers! Anyways, this is about Elizabeth. First of all, I have to admire how she journeyed out West to become a school teacher. She left her comfortable home in the East to teach little kiddos, after all! It wasn’t what she was used to, but she didn’t give up. She can be stubborn and determined, but she’s loving and loyal.


Rob Petrie | Favorite Screen Characters, Majestic Adventures9. Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke) | The Dick Van Dyke Show

Rob Petrie, comedy writer for the Alan Brady Show. The whole show is just hilarious, I really can’t narrow it down to just Rob as my favorite! Other than writing, he enjoys skiing (but that didn’t end up well), sailing (neither did that) and is a constant tripper. I love the jokes that he and his writing staff come up with for Alan’s television show. He loses things too, from a brand new watch to the script for this week’s show!


Dory | Favorite Screen Characters, Majestic Adventures10. Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) | Finding Nemo

P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. I think that’s all the second address we have memorized. (I can’t take credit for that, I found that on Pinterest.) Dory, a fish who loves parties, also loves to help out clownfish she meets in the ocean. She’s also not too good on names, as you can tell. She suffers from short term memory loss, and isn’t quite sure where her family is. I’m excited for Finding Dory!!!


Ta-da! A few of my favorite characters from a few of my favorite movies. :D What about you? Do we share any favorite movies or characters? I’d love to hear your faves in the comments, or read about them on your blog! (Just leave a link so I know where to go. ;))  I was supposed to nominate people, but I think I’ll leave the nominations open to whoever wants to do it. So if you have a blog, this is your official notification that you have been tagged for the 10 Favorite Screen Characters Tag. :D

Thanks for reading! Until next time!


Music Monday – May 18

Hello! Happy Monday, my friends! A beautiful day to the start of a beautiful week, and what better to start off your day than a new song? :D

Music Monday -~- Flawless | Majestic Adventures

This week’s song is Flawless by MercyMe from their new album, Welcome to the New. The album was released April 8 of this year. My dad discovered it last week (or was it two weeks ago now?) and introduced me to it! Instant. Love. It’s been on repeat around here!

I love the words, especially “the cross has made you flawless.” Because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, when we accept Him into our hearts we’re no longer sinners, God sees us as saints–flawless. We’re a new creation, the old has gone and the new has come! (1 Corinthians 5:17) This song is a great reminder of that. <3 I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Have a wonderful, wonderful Monday. Never forget how special you are to Jesus, and how much He loves you, no matter what.

Like this week’s song for Music Monday? Here’s a couple more you might be interested, also by MercyMe!

Greater // Shake


Me and the Muskrat

Me and the Muskrat | A Bookworm's Majestic Adventure

No doubt if you’re reading this post you’re either A) a follower of this blog; B) interested in hearing about my encounter with a muskrat; or C) all of the above. With any luck as you’re reading this post you’ll chuckle once, or maybe twice, as that is one of my main goals in life: making people laugh. Let me tell you first though – when it happened, I was scared to death! I didn’t feel like laughing about it until approximately two minutes and seventeen seconds after the ordeal occurred.

It all began one day a few weeks ago when my brother and I thought “Hey, it would be fun to go to a nature trail and mess around there for a little bit.” We were bored and thought, why not? We headed down to the nature trail, set on exploring the area a little bit. We looked at the little river and the ponds, but didn’t see any frogs. It was too early in the year for them to be out yet anyways.

“Hey,” my brother tells me, “want to go look at something down the river? It’s not too far.”

“Okay,” I say. We went down another section of path and starting walking towards the river.

Now we were walking along the high bank of the river. It was brushy and thorny; you had to be careful otherwise you’d walk straight into a pricky thorny plant. My brother led the way since I had no idea what we were looking for, and he stepped over a muddy section of ground. I had on my one and only pair of tennis shoes and did not feel like scrubbing them clean of mud when we got home. There were two long skinny fallen tree branches lying over the mud in an X shape. I thought if I stepped on the sticks they would keep me from sinking into the mud.

As soon as I stepped onto the sticks, I heard this rustling noise. I thought my stepping on the sticks had caused them to bounce up and hit the bush. But then the rustling noise continued, and I wasn’t moving the branch at all. That meant something else was making the noise.

But just to make sure…I look to my left, toward the river, where the sticks were hanging over the edge of the bank. They weren’t causing the noise I was hearing, so me, using the brilliant deduction skills I’ve learned from years of reading Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books, deduced that the sound must be coming from my right. How sleuth-ish of me!

So I look to my right.

And freeze.

There was a giant brown furball standing (or was it sitting?) not six feet away from me.

It’s a giant squirrel! Upon another look I realized it was too big to be a squirrel – it was squirrel colored, but with a skinny black tail! This stout furry animal is the muskrat from the title “Me and the Muskrat” but I didn’t know it yet. That first thought was followed by Don’t eat me don’t eat me don’t eat me! I remembered how sharp of teeth squirrels have, and hugged myself, in case it should leap towards me.


The animal just sat there. It didn’t move. It just watched me. No doubt wondering what this strange person was doing near its home.

And my brother was oblivious to all this. I shrieked to get his attention.

“What?” he turned around but did not see the ferocious animal sitting less than six feet away from me. He’s looking at the ground.

I shriek again.

He still doesn’t see it. I can’t really blame him though, the thing is brown, and it’s in the woods. Blends in kinda well. “What? The stick?”

I think not knowing what it was was even more scary than knowing what type of animal it was. I like to think that if I had known what it was, I wouldn’t have been as freaked out. Nevertheless, “NO. NOT THE STICK. IT’S RIGHT THERE. HELP ME. HELP ME.” I jumped forward towards him and grabbed the sleeve of his sweatshirt.

And then he saw it! “HEY! That’s a beaver! No, a woodchuck. Hey that’s a muskrat!”

While he was identifying it the muskrat must have decided that humans–particularly a human girl named Emma–make too much noise and were relatively uninteresting. It scampered to the river and jumped in and swam away.

I took a step back and took a deep breath. “Oh my land.”

I went home and Googled ‘Muskrat’ and confirmed my brother’s identification. It was indeed a muskrat that I had met up with. Once was enough. We make a point to avoid each other now, whenever I go back to the Nature Trail. I don’t think he misses me. I don’t really miss him.

And there you have it! Actually when I was reading about muskrats on Wikipedia, I read that they are actually more nocturnal, so that might contribute to the fact that Mr. Muskrat and I haven’t had another chance acquaintance. I’m definitely not nocturnal.

Well, what about you? Ever meet a muskrat? I’ve love to hear how it went! Meet any other animals? I’ve met a raccoon at midnight before, but…that’s another story. ;) Thanks for reading, my friends! Until next time!

My First Day Without Braces

My First Day Without Braces | Majestic Adventures

So today was the day! Early this morning I woke up in avid anticipation of what would occur…and it finally did! I, my friends, am braces free. Whoo hoo! :D Mother Dearest bought me the promised Corn Nuts, two original and one ranch flavored. Boom baby. B) One bag is already gone, with a little help from my family. Corn nuts never tasted so good. Also, I can crunch on carrot sticks without worrying about breaking something. (Which I did at dinner tonight.) OH. LIFE IS GOOD!!!

I have to admit though, I am so not used to having a retainer in my mouth. My speech sounds a little funny and I just can’t feel anything on the roof of my mouth except a plastic thingy. And I don’t exactly love that. (Which I’m sort of used to. A while ago – a loooooong while ago, LOL – I had an appliance in where a plastic piece was up in the roof of my mouth. I could not talk. I’m sure I sounded hilarious, but at the time I didn’t want to! Talk funny, that is. I love to be hilarious. XD Later Mom confided in me that she had been trying hard not the laugh – thanks Mom! ;) Just kidding. I’m sure I would have laughed as well!) I wasn’t a very happy camper on the way home from ortho and then some. But as my patient Mom reminded me, it all takes some getting used to. I’ve had rubber bands and braces and appliances and headgear and impressions (oh my gosh impressions are the worst!) and everything else – and I got used to it all and I was fine. Except I will never ever in my lifetime get used to the feeling of foamy stuff in my mouth, a.k.a. impressions. Still, I was pretty bummed this afternoon. I came in and talked to Mom and said “I just don’t feel happy. I don’t want to wear this retainer.”

And you know what she said? She told me three words. “Prayer and praise.” Well, she said a lot more than that, but those were the first three words out of her mouth. Prayer and praise. She told me to stop dwelling on my retainer and everything else – and to focus on something good. Turn on the praise music and start saying a prayer; focus on Jesus and not the retainer.

And you know what? I went out and I laughed with my brother while playing a game of DORK. (What is DORK you wonder? Explanation below!) I listened to the praise music I could hear from the house (because when music is on at our house, it is on.) I thanked God that everything went as well as it did.

And I felt better. I was happy.

I’m still not used to wearing the retainer 24/7, but my word I’ve only had it for a day! But while I wait for that to happen I can focus on the good things in life instead. I’m braces free! I can eat whatever I want to without worrying about a broken bracket! I got a happy face balloon from the Orthodontist today, along with a CONGRATS balloon! I got a pop, a popcorn, a candy bar! (Oh and let us not forget the Corn Nuts!)

And I have a family who loves me and is patient with me and gives me Godly advice when I’m focusing too much on the bad things instead of the good.

So, for the rest of the day I smiled, I laughed, I listened to music, I played with my balloons outside and worried that they were going to fly away and be lost forever (which they weren’t; they are comfortably sitting here beside me as I type this); I lost in the DORK game I played, and I ate Corn Nuts.

It doesn’t take much to find the good in life. Maybe it’s the sunshine. The blue skies or the grass. Friends, family, church. Your dog. A good book. Maybe a smile. Or, maybe it’s all of it. There’s already bad things in the world, but what makes it worse is dwelling or worrying about them. Doing that can cause you to miss the good. I know it did for me this afternoon.

Prayer and praise. Focus on Jesus and not the bad things. Anytime I feel myself starting to get down, that’s what I’m going to do. (Try and remember to do!) Life’s too short to waste it by worrying about the bad things. (It’s also too short to waste time trying to match socks!) Let’s start focusing on the good and all that Jesus has done for us. :)

Which, I forgot to post my Music Monday yesterday! :O I’ll post what I had for yesterday next week, because I just thought of a good song by The Afters. It’s titled Every Good Thing and one of my favorites! I hope you enjoy it too. I especially love the chorus. :D

WOW. That was a little more serious post there. But hey, sometimes that’s a good thing! I’ve had a great day so far, actually. Even better since I’ve started praying and listening to music. But I didn’t add that line up there and separate this paragraph from the rest just to tell you that. I did it so that I would have a separate space to explain to you what the game DORK is that I mentioned above!

Well, ever hear of the game HORSE? That basketball game where people shoot a basket, and if they make a basket then everyone else needs to replicate the shot, and if they don’t make it, they get a letter? First one to get all five letters is out? (Other variations include PIG.) Well, DORK is exactly like that. Except you spell DORK. And if you get all four letters first, you have to announce to your family (or whoever is present) “That I am a dork.” Ha! It gets quite competitive because who wants to admit that? Haha!

So, hello there! thank you for reading this post! was wondering though, what things in life make *you* happy? have you ever played horse or, our variation called dork, before? and, I’ve been wondering this for a while, does me writing this in all caps make it seem like I’m yelling?

Note To Self: Corn Nuts and Teeth Jewelry Do Not Mix

Note to Self: Corn Nuts and Teeth Jewelry Do Not Mix

There have to be least 10035346972 reasons why someone would anticipate the glorious season after winter. I’m sure you know them all, so I don’t really need to list them all off. But what the heck, lists are fun. Springtime equals flowers (they smell so pretty), birds (save for when they nest right by your bedroom window and chirp before 5am. True story. You can see the little darlings in the picture above), and the ability to ride your bike without slipping on ice (I may or may not have rode my bike while ice still held claim over the ground…I’m sure you can imagine how that turned out!) Also, if you’re like me, it’s because in just three little (ALMOST TWO) days braces will finally come off your teeth. YAY!!!!!!

Having braces even one day, is, in my opinion, too long. But it did help when my brother told me that braces are “jewelry for your teeth.” Makes them sound kinda snazzy, huh? Nevertheless, my orthodontic adventure has lasted pretty near two years. It’s had it’s ups and downs just like anything, but without a doubt I’m ready for it to end. And that end happens on Tuesday. *hands out pre-celebratory cupcakes that have the magic power to be whatever flavor you wish* And then I can eat Corn Nuts.

Ahhhhh, yes, you think, this is where Corn Nuts come into the picture. Well, what about them?

corn nutsThe thing about Corn Nuts, my friends, is that I have been deprived of them for too long. Waaaaaayy too long. (not the entire two years I’ve had teeth jewelry, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.) If you’re not familiar with this amazingly delicious and (slightly) addictive snack food – YOU MUST GO BUY SOME. YOU ARE MISSING OUT. CORN. AND NUTS. AND SALTY GOODNESS. What can honestly go wrong with this combination??? That is, unless you have braces. I definitely do not recommend these whilst having teeth jewelry. Corn Nuts are, in addition to being known for their amazing deliciousness, very hard. Very hard. So you can imagine what would happen if you tried to eat them with braces. Well, me, not wanting to give up more food than I had to, insisted that eating Corn Nuts would be okay.

Yeah no.

I mean, you have to understand my struggle here. My dad and brother both had their individual bag of Corn Nuts – I wanted some too. I thought it would be okay. My mother wasn’t so sure. She warned me, because of how hard they were, but I insisted. “No, I’ll be okay.” Because if I followed everything the orthodontist told me not to eat, I’m pretty sure I’d only be allowed water and applesauce. Well, that’s a little extreme I guess, but you miss out on a lot of good food with braces, even if having teeth jewelry is pretty snazzy. So I ate the Corn Nuts.

I should have listened to my mother. She is a wise woman indeed.

I was happily chomping away on some salty Corn Nuts. Doing what, I can’t remember. I seem to think that I was spinning in circles on one of those spinny office chairs (because spinny chairs are fun, okay?!), but I’m not exactly sure. Or maybe I was just sitting in a spinny office chair. Or twirling slightly…well I guess it doesn’t matter. As I was saying: Me. Chomping. Corn Nuts. I pop another corn nut into my mouth, chew a couple times, then hear a loud crack.

I stop chewing. What was that? I think. I kinda look around the room to spot anything capable of that kind of cracking sound. Not seeing anything, I continue eating, completely oblivious to what had actually happened. I finish the bag with no further problems, other than my snack being gone and no other ones available for my consumption.

Now we’ll fast forward to my next ortho appointment, which wasn’t too far down the road. As routine while at the orthodontist, they check to make sure none of your brackets are broken.

“Did you realize you had a broken bracket?” The ortho lady asked me during the routine inspection.

And that’s when it all fell into place. The loud crack. Those doggone but seriously awesome Corn Nuts and their very hard hardness. “Nooooo….” Mom would have a fit if she knew – and I knew I had to tell her. Much to my delight no further questions were asked. Corn Nuts are definitely on the list of “Foods Not to Eat While You Have Braces!” and I had a feeling that it wouldn’t go over well if they knew what caused it. Whoops. They re-glued the bracket back on, continued on as usual, and I was on my way.

“So…” I told Mom while on the way home. “The ortho lady asked me if I realized I had a broken bracket…”

And she knew instantly what had caused it. “Emma!” She actually used both my first and middle name – knew I was in trouble then, haha. But my only punishment was that of “Absolutely no more corn nuts until your braces are off!”

Pure. Torture.

So, as you can see, I am most anxious to get my braces off. (TUESDAY.) I had my mother promise me that the day they came off she would buy me a big bag of corn nuts. Ooh, I can just taste them now…well, I would if I could remember what they tasted like. Haha.

You can also adapt this story to fit in with unpopped popcorn kernels – broken bracket and all. Except that story has a happier ending – Mother Dearest still allows me to eat popcorn.

And now you know the reason I titled this post what I titled it. If anyone ever asks me for advice about braces (which they haven’t yet, but when they do I’ll be ready), my advice for them is:

Corn Nuts and teeth jewelry just do not mix no matter how hard you try to get around it.

alright then. you’ve heard about my experience with food you shouldn’t eat with teeth jewelry and broken brackets, so i’m curious: what are yours? also, what are your thoughts on corn nuts? yay or nay? and if you answered nay, how come? what’s your  favorite snack food instead? sunflower seeds? popcorn? cheetos?