Let’s Go Fly a Kite

 Lets go Fly a Kite | Majestic Adventures

♫♪Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest heights…♪♫

Yesterday afternoon I was humming this Mary Poppins song as my brother and I took our kites to the nearest place we could fly them. It’s been in my experience that our backyard isn’t the best place. It may or may not have to do with my tendency of letting the kite take as much string as it wants, even with a pine tree looming nearby.

Upon arrival, I was having a semi-hard time getting my kite to stay in the air. The wind was changing directions on us and coming in sporadic gusts. My brother’s kite, which in the sky I thought resembled a blue, green and pink striped flying stingray, caught the wind easily and had little-to-no trouble staying in the sky. His kite was soaring with the birds and mine was mingling with the worms.

“Want to fly mine so I can get yours in the air?” I had been trying for a good twenty minutes with no fruits to my labor, so I agreed. He handed me the little red handle to his kite and set to work.

Something about seeing the kite so high in the sky…. The field is open except along the fence line, where there are big tall maple trees, which is the direction my brother’s kite was flying. But it would be fine, I’m sure, so I let the string go, go, go, and the kite went higher, higher, higher. Soon I had all the string out.

The horror of horrors–the kite started to dip down, right towards the trees. The kite had been a gift from our grandpa and I knew my brother would be none too thrilled to have his kite stuck 50 feet in a tree. I turned tail and ran, pulling the string in at the same time.

When I turned back around, my brother exclaimed, “You were ten feet away from those trees! You’ve gotta be careful.”

Duly noted.

I began to give the kite more string so that I could eventually hang onto the little red handle. I’d dropped it while pulling the string in to save the flying stingray. A strong wind took the kite and pulled the string through my fingers and gave me string burn, the younger sibling of rope burn. It still hurts the same though.

Somehow in my attempt to regain my control, I got string burn on my forearm and where my elbow bends. More string burn to the fingers and I was done–it hurt and I let go of the kite.

The little red handle dragged along the ground as the kite gained more freedom, unrestricted from the string. “Oh no!” It began to lift off the ground, and it all happened so quickly that I didn’t do anything except stand and watch. It was five feet in the air when my brother turned around, jumped after his kite and heroically snagged it.

Now it was coming down. “It’s my kite and I love it!” He saved his kite from nose-diving into the trees by running as quick as he could.

As everything returned to normal, he told me that I should be more careful. He had that look like he thought it was halfway funny, but yet, not. I basically told him I hadn’t meant to let go, but fleeing from something that hurts is my natural reaction to pain. He told me he didn’t really trust my flying judgement anymore and I thought that I might agree with him. I really did–and do–need to be more careful.

In the end, my brother does still trust me. He proved that by actually letting me fly it again, since we never could get my kite in the air. I managed to safely maneuver it without any more close calls. And I say all’s well that ends well.




Let’s Go On A Happy Adventure

Lets Go On A Happy Adventure | Majestic Adventures

For the past few summer nights, I’ve had the urge to go outside and catch fireflies. Instead, I stayed inside and watched them light up, all the while thinking, “It would be fun to go out there and catch some.” I felt like I was too old.

Rewind a little bit to the past winter. It hadn’t even snowed yet but I was already dreading it. Then a very timely thing happened. I read a blog post where the author said something to the effect of, “I never want to stop anticipating the beauty of the first snowfall.” Something clicked.

When I was little, I couldn’t wait for it to snow. What had happened to that eager anticipation for the glittery snowfall? As I got older I’d decided that snow was too bothersome. I realized that I didn’t want to be like that. I wanted to be excited again. The rest of the winter I remembered those words, and my attitude changed. In the morning, I woke up to a sparkling winter wonderland and smiled.

I doubt you expected to read a post about snow in July, but as I was sitting on our deck watching these fireflies, I was thinking, it’s kind of the same thing. At least in my mind it was. I’ll try and connect the dots for you, but if it still doesn’t form the picture, then it apparently is one of those things that only makes sense in my head.

Last night we had homemade elephant ears for supper and sat on our deck to enjoy the evening, which was beautiful. As expected, the fireflies soon made their appearance. I watched them and thought I should go out and catch some, but I didn’t. In a way I think I was afraid that it wouldn’t be as much fun anymore.

And then, pfft, I realized something: I’d gotten the same way about snow. My attitude had changed. But once I put the right perspective on it, I remembered that snow could be pretty amazing sometimes. (I say sometimes because I’m not a personal fan of shoveling 2-1/2 feet of the stuff every other afternoon.😉 )

So last night I thought I’d try the same thing with the fireflies. I’d stop thinking I was too old for something I wanted to do and I’d just do it. I went inside, got a jar, chased them around the yard, and put them in my Ball mason jar. I didn’t care that I wasn’t the typical lightning-bug-catcher age. I just went with it. I didn’t go in thinking, too old, no fun, blah blech blug. And when I went in with the right attitude, I discovered that yeah, catching lightning bugs is still fun to me.

Your attitude towards the situation does make a difference. The snow can be good or bad–it depends on how you want to view it. You can be too old to catch fireflies in your backyard on a summer’s night–but only if you say so. You could absolutely fail your math test because you’re not an A+ math student, or you could go in trying your best.

And sure, there are some things that I’ll grow out of. But I don’t grow out of them because I feel like I have to; because I feel like I’m too old for them. If I’m going to grow out of something, I want it to be because I’m moving on with my life and going on to even more exciting things. My dolls might not go on outdoor adventures anymore, but I do. I go exploring all the time, something that I couldn’t do when I was little. I’ve told you guys about some of my adventures even: meeting that muskrat in the woods, for instance. Adding outrageous amounts of baking soda to a single batch of snickerdoodles.


The rest of this summer, I’m going to go on happy and joyful adventures. I’m going to wonder why my lightning bugs won’t light up while they’re prisoner in my glass jar but never stop blinking when they’re free. I’m going to pick a gallon of wild black raspberries at the sacrifice of my arms and legs being full of scratches. I’m going to get sort-of lost on a bike ride and call my parents to figure out “Just where exactly am I and how far away is the nearest cross-road?”

And I’m going to go into every situation with a good attitude about it. Well, try to. Jesus is still working with me on the “every situation = good attitude” part. But we’ll get there.

Happy summer, guys. Go on adventures, and have fun with it.

xoxo Emma



Pray for the Little Things

Pray for the Little Things | Majestic Adventures

Early yesterday morning my mom and I went to a lovely little coffee shop to celebrate the birthday of one special lady in our lives. A small group of women gathered in a private back room with our drinks of choice. For me, that was a toasted marshmallow hot chocolate with whipped cream. And there were muffins. Yummy!

Twenty minutes after my muffin was gone, and in the midst of our chatter, the roof of my mouth started to feel tingly…and I ignored it, as I tend to do, thinking to myself, Nah, it’ll just go away. Except it didn’t, and soon the tingly feeling spread across my cheek. I’m not allergic to any foods that I know of; but I’ve had the same thing happen a couple of times before (though not to the same extent). Figured since it was a little worse than the couple other times, I should probably tell my Mama.

She furrowed her brow at me and said, “Well we should leave so that you can get some meds. It must be from the muffin since you drink hot chocolate at home.”

The lady next to us heard us say something, and soon everyone around the table knew about the tingles in my mouth and face. And instantly, the woman across the table from us said, as casually as you please, “Well then, let’s pray.”

Everyone bowed their heads and we talked to God about what was going on with my face. She thanked Jesus that He knew exactly what was going on, and she prayed that it would go away and not come back. As soon as she began praying, the tingling in the roof of my mouth was gone. By the time she’d said Amen my cheek wasn’t tingling anymore. After twenty minutes of having some kind of a reaction slowly get worse, I felt completely fine.

“Thank you Lord!” I couldn’t resist it–I knew that God had healed me! And I had a kind of Duh! moment after that. Our first reaction had been How can we fix this ourselves? Instead of Let’s take it to the Healer. I can remember to take the big things that I know I can’t fix to Jesus, but the little things? That’s a little harder.

I continued to marvel and thank Jesus for the fact that my face was back to its original non-tingling form. The woman who’d prayed for me said that we need to pray for the little things before they become big things. It’d be easy to think, “A little allergic reaction isn’t that big a deal. Meds will probably help. No need to worry God about it.”

He cares about the little things in your life that bug you because He cares about you. Just as there’s no problem too big for God, there’s no problem too small. If He can take care of the huge and impossible, He can take care of those small issues as well. Good grief, Jesus can make blind men see and the lame walk again! And yet He still cares for the sparrows in the sky.

 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 4:6-7

God used the morning in the coffee shop, not only as a good time to fellowship, but to show me that He’s the God of all–the big, the small, and everything in between.  That He is the Ultimate Healer, healing even a tingly cheek. And last of all, He taught me just how powerful prayer really is. All in a period of two hours!

Bob and LarryThank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope that you’ve been reminded how much God cares about you and all the little things in your life! As Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato from VeggieTales would say, God made you special, and He loves you very much. Goodbye!



Music Monday – June 6

Music Monday June 6 | Majestic Adventures

Alas, tis time for another Music Monday! Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite hymns with you. I love hymns. They are so beautiful; the words and the message. And I do love praise & worship music as well, but sometimes I just gotta take a break from that and listen to a hymn that my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents grew up singing! There’s nothing like an old hymn to sing to Jesus!❤

Victory in Jesus –  performed by Guy Penrod

I really like Guy Penrod, and I love his rendition of Victory in Jesus, particularly because of it’s upbeat-ness! We have victory with Jesus because of what He did for us on the cross, and we need to claim that victory and live fearlessly because of that!


The Old Rugged Cross – performed by The Gaither Vocal Band

I love this song. A friend of mine asked what my favorite hymn was, and I said this was it. What Jesus did on the that old rugged cross for me just awes and amazes and makes me love Him even more. I read this saying in a book once, and I won’t get it 100% right but I really liked it. It was something like, “Jesus took the cross, which had been a symbol of cruelty and fear and turned it into a symbol of hope.” Something like that at least; I can’t remember it for sure!


Because He Lives – Bill Gaither

I don’t know who sings this song in the video, but the man who wrote the song was Bill Gaither! (Which I did not know until I wrote this blog post! ha!) For years now this song has been a great reminder for me that I can live without fear because He lives! I can live without fear, without worry, without any of that negative stuff because Jesus now lives and he defeated all that when He died on the cross and was resurrected.

So there you have it, a few of my favorite hymns–oldies but goldies. Or goodies. (I’ve heard it both ways.) Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed listening to the songs! What are your favorite hymns?

Me and the Raccoon

Me and the  Raccoon

A while ago I posted Me and the Muskrat, in which I tell you about the time my brother and I went on a walk through the woods and a ferocious brown furry animal attempted to eat me (or so I thought at the time, in my panic-stricken state). This past Memorial Day weekend while I was camping with friends, I was reminded of my harrowing ordeal years ago, in which I met the masked creature of the night–the raccoon.

It all started one Sunday when my church announced that there would be a three-day tent camping trip in July. Awesome! I’d never been tent camping before–or camping in general as it’s not really my “thing”–so I was ready and even excited for the trip. It was going to be a lot of fun; we were going to be in the woods, eat s’more upon s’more, learn about God, and get eaten up by bugs.

I love this part!
I love this part!

When the day of departure arrived, 33-ish people met at the church to divvy into car pools and begin the three-hour drive to the campground. In order to save time, everyone had agreed to pack their own lunch so that we didn’t have to stop at a McDonald’s or Burger King on the way up. My lunch was mostly left uneaten in my bag, because not too long into the car ride, I began to feel a little car sick. Iiiggh.

So, understandably so, I was exceptionally happy to finally make it to the campground. Once there I began to feel better, and helped the others set up the large tents and carry the supplies to the little patch of dirt we’d call home for the next three days.

To make our trip go as smoothly as possible, the leader spelled out a few rules. One of those rules was “no food in the tents”. The reason for this, of course, was so that no wild animals would smell it and try to get it. Somehow that rule went in one ear and out the other, because along with the bag that contained my swimsuit and sleeping clothes, was the bag that also contained the uneaten PB&J and potato chips. Both went into the tent. I never even remembered.

The first day of camping went awesomely. We hiked through extremely hot sand and swam in extremely cold and clear water. We had s’mores around a campfire and when midnight came around and it was time to go to bed, I was exhausted.

I should’ve been all ready for bed–and I was, decked out in my pajamas with my teeth freshly brushed–except for one little, itsy bitsy, teeny tiny thing. I had to go to the bathroom.

This, my friends, is why camping isn’t my first choice of vacation. You have to walk a half mile to use the campground-shared bathroom.

I remembered and followed the buddy-system rule and asked my mother to accompany me, since she was like the only one who hadn’t fallen asleep in our tent yet. She agreed, only after telling me “You should’ve already!” Yeah…sorry!

We joined hands and set off down the trail, the only light coming from our flashlights. I played my flashlight along the edge of the trail, keeping it just ahead of my feet.

Everything happened so quickly. My light shone on something oblong-ish and furry. Before my mind could tell my feet to stop, I kicked it! Oblong and Furry squealed when it got kicked and I screamed. I yanked my hand free of Mom’s and darted down the path, not stopping until I heard my name being called. “Emma!”

I was gasping for breath after having ran most the trail, and I shook while I waited for my mother to catch up, whom I’d left in the dust.

“I heard a shriek and a squeal and then you were gone!” she gasped. “What happened?”

At the time, I swore that what I had kicked into was a skunk. But I wasn’t sprayed (thank goodness!) and Mom remembered some of the guys in our group spotting a raccoon earlier that day. It must have been a raccoon!

We made it to the bathroom and back without further incident, but we huddled together and swung our flashlights around at every little noise, in case we should quite literally “run into” the Masked Mammal again. But that one 3.734 second encounter was enough for me, so I didn’t feel too badly. I doubt the coon did either.

Two awesome and fun days later I still hadn’t seen, heard, or kicked the lil creature again, and now it was time to go. While I was stuffing my things back into one of my bags, I found my lunch. The barely touched peanut butter and jelly sandwich and the mostly-filled baggy of potato chips. My eyes bugged when I found it, and I showed it to Mom.

“I forgot I had this in here!”

Her mouth dropped into an O. “Emma! At least no bears came to get that!”

While there hadn’t been any bears, looking back now, perhaps, just perhaps, that raccoon smelled the peanut butter through the plastic baggy, through the fabric bag, through the tent, through the woods, through its little nostrils and thought to himself, Mmmm, that smells like a nice supper. I think he probably stalked me out.

He probably was following his nose at the time I kicked him, intent on breaking into the tent and stealing my sandwich. Bandits do wear masks, after all! He is probably a relative to this guy:

Me and the Raccoon
This ‘coon knows where the good stuff is. Here he’s pictured on top of a dumpster at a pizza place.

If that were the case, maybe, just maybe, it was a blessing-in-disguise that I kicked the little guy by mistake. Dealing with a tent full of screaming and if my reaction was any indication, kicking girls, a sandwich (half eaten at that) just wasn’t worth it and he decided to scamper on home. I may have single-footedly saved my tent from a raccoon encounter by my midnight trip to the facilities.

Although, if I had remembered the rule in the first place, there would be no lunch in the tent and none of it would’ve happened in the first place…

But we’ll just ignore that little tidbit.


Morning May Musings

Well, it’s May now! I wanted to share some pictures that I took and something that Jesus has been whispering to my heart lately. I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful, blessed rest of your week. Jesus loves you! xoxo Emma

Don’t focus on the bad…


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

…and miss out on the beauty.

A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

Keep your eyes focused on Me…


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

…and I will show you My beauty, despite the ashes around you.


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

My child, listen to Me when I say…


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

…I lifted the sun to rise in the sky.


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

I woke the flowers from their slumber…


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

…and painted the evening sky with color.


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

And if I take care of My smallest creations…


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

then let the little things in life serve as a reminder…


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

I will take care of you too.

The Happiness Tag

The Happiness Tag Majestic Adventures

I’m It! I was tagged by Sarah at Forever Aspiring Writer to do the Happiness Tag. This includes: Answering a few questions about things that make you happy. Easypeasyweazy right? Well, that’s about it s’pose, and I don’t see muchofa reason to drag the intro on and waste time. :P Continue?


WELL, I love VeggieTales. Larry, oh dear Larry the Pickle Cucumber, he makes me laugh when he sings his Silly Songs! Endangered Love (Barbara Manatee) is a song that makes me happy.

I’ll add one more song to my happy list. Good Day by Natalie Grant. I listen to it when I make my bed in the morning, and its a good way to start off your day. It’s a happy song, y’all!


Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? My daddy would read to my brother and I when we were little, and this book was always on the reading list. The memory of snuggling up close to him on the couch, listening as he made all the sounds…it makes me happy! This book is awesome. Oh, before I forget, I’ve got a question for you guys: Mr. Brown can moo! Can you?

The Happiness Tag | Majestic Adventures

Also, God’s Smuggler (Brother Andrew) and The Hiding Place (Corrie ten Boom) because those books make me go YEAH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Totally recommend, especially if you need a reminder that God is amazing and works in AWESOME ways!)


I love love the movie Curious George. It is so doggone adorable, I smile throughout the whole thing.

The Happiness Tag Majestic Adventures
Lookit, he’s so cute!

I also really enjoy Peabody and Sherman, which surprised me because at first I wasn’t sure I would like it! And Finding Nemo. I love Finding Nemo. (I like a lot of cartoons, I guess!)


Snickerdoodles. Grandma’s homemade bread and homemade jam. Mama’s cheesy chicken stuff (otherwise known as cheesy chicken casserole. Drop the ‘casserole’, add the ‘stuff’ and it rolls off the tongue much better). Cheesy fries with bacon and ranch.


Happy words? Happy words. Okay…well there’s boom. It’s fun to say. For me, instead of saying “I DID IT!” I say, “BOOM BABY! I did it!” I don’t know why; I just do.

Awesomesauce. I picked this one up from a friend of mine. She says awesomesauce, I hear awesomesauce, I now say awesomesauce, everything that’s awesome is an awesomesauce folks!

One last word. I love the word love. Jesus’ love makes me happy. Sharing God’s love makes me happy. And as long as we’re at it, just a reminder for ya: God made you special and He loves you very much!


Things baking in the oven that aren’t burning. My dog after a bath (so much more pleasant to cuddle with). Flowers, fresh-cut grass; the scent of spring. Autumn leaves. The scent of my dad’s cologne when I hug him tight.


Birdies singing. Sunshine. Playing with my brother. Snail-Mail. Being with people I love. I love movie-theater popcorn. Adventures, and making people smile. I love to give people presents and cards and little gifts to show them that they’re loved. Smiling at strangers.

Ah so there, a list of a few things that makes this chick named Emma happy.🙂 Did you learn anything new about me? Feel free to comment what makes you happy; maybe we share some of the same things!😀

Oh hey, before I forget I best be a-taggin’ folks to do this thing. Since I’m not very good at Tag, I’ll go after a whole bunch of you guys at once and see who I end up getting.😉 If you’ve got the letter A in any of your three names (first, middle, last) ~*~or~*~ if you know how to whistle, then you are hereby tagged for The Happiness Tag! If you do the tag, link it in the comments so we can hop over and see what makes you happy!

Have a beauuuuuuutiful day! xo Emma


Duck Tape Bag Tutorial

Duck Tape Bag Tutorial | Majestic Adventures

Hello!! Today I thought I would show you guys how I make a Duck Tape Bag! I love Duck Tape and crafting stuff with it. This took me two hours to do (including taking the pictures and writing down what I was doing so I wouldn’t forget). This bag is 18-1/2 inches wide by 12 inches deep. If you want it smaller you can just scale down the width and length of your Duck Tape sheets.

Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get started on how to make it, eh?😀

What You Need:


Duck Tape Bag Tutorial | Majestic Adventures

~Duck Tape! I used Electric Blue and Peacock. Partly because I liked the color scheme, but mostly because they were two rolls that I had enough to make a bag with.😉


~X-Acto Knife (if you don’t own one, it’s not a big deal because scissors work just fine. I just like to use it because if you have to make a close cut, you don’t have to worry as much about over-cutting and snipping your bag)

~Craft cutting board (or something to measure and stick your Duck Tape strips to)

~Ruler/Measuring Tape (or your eyeball if you prefer to skip measuring and just wanna wing it)

What To Do:

Duck Tape Bag Tutorial | Majestic Adventures

First step is to make a large Duck Tape sheet, which will be the base of your bag. I made my DT sheet to measure 18 inches wide by 24 inches long. Lay your DT strips down one at a time, slightly overlapping one another so they stick, until you reach your desired size.

Duck Tape Bag Tutorial | Majestic Adventures

Keep in mind that however deep you want your bag to be, you need to make the DT sheet’s length double that, because this sheet gets folded in half later. So if you want your bag to be 10 inches deep, make your DT sheet 20 inches!🙂 Your width still stays the same though, so just change the length!

You’re going to need two of these sheets, so now make another one! If you laid your strips down horizontally, make this sheet with the strips running vertically. I’ve found that it’s stronger because the seams run in opposite directions.

Okay, before you do anything else with the DT sheets, you’ve got to make your straps! Everyone’s different and depending on how low you want your bag to hang, the length of your straps will be different. For me, I made mine to measure 37-1/2 inches. (Oddball number I know; I usually just eyeball everything but figured in a tutorial I should be a little more organized.)

Pull out a looooooong strip of Duck Tape, however long you want your strap to be, but be careful not to let it twist and stick to itself! Once two sticky sides touch, nothing can get them apart.😉 After you’ve done that, lay it sticky-side up and carefully fold one side into the middle.

I like to start from the middle and work out, and fold it in small increments because I’ve found I get less wrinkles this way. And while wrinkles aren’t the end of the world, it still looks best when it’s smooth.🙂

Duck Tape Tutorial | Majestic Adventures

You’ve got your straps and both sides of your bag; now let’s assemble this thing! If you have a different pattern for the inside than the outside, lay the pattern you want to show on the outside sticky-side up. You’ll lay the other sheet on top of this one, but don’t do it yet unless you prefer strapless bags! 

Straps: On the 18 inch side, take your strap and place about 2 inches of it 1-1/4 inches away from the edge. (Measurements are fussy but tutorials require measurements I suppose, and this is how much I love you.) Do the same for the other end of the strap and make sure that it isn’t twisted! Repeat on the other side.

Duck Tape Tutorial | Majestic Adventures

Yay! Now it’s time for the tricky part: sticking the two DT sheets together. This part makes me nervous every time because if the pieces stick before you’re ready, well, they’re stuck. I’ve found that if I fold the sheet I’m placing down in half, sticky side in (being careful not to stick it to itself) that it works much better because it’s easier to handle. I can just unfold it and smooth it out. Make sure all your edges are lined up the best they can be, then go for it! No turning back once you do.

Duck Tape Tutorial | Majestic Adventures

As you can see by the picture, I do have a nice sized wrinkle in there. Aack, some things are just unavoidable. I’m not too worried about it since it will be on the inside of the bag.🙂 My sides weren’t lined up perfectly either, but that’s okay because we can fix it later.

Time to tape the sides together. Make sure the inside of your bag is facing upwards. Cut two strips of Duck Tape, each one about the half the length of your bag, and tape like so:

Duck Tape Tutorial | Majestic Adventures

The reason one of them is peacock is because I ran out of blue. Ha! Anyways, starting on one side fold the tape back, hold, and then fold your bag up onto the tape. Do this with both sides and try your best to make sure that the top edges are lined up.🙂

Duck Tape Bag Tutorial | Majestic Adventures

It’s really coming together!! Yay!! Now here’s the time we’ll add the trim and get rid of all those sticky tape strips that are still showing. If you have extra tape up at the top like I do, you can fold it over. We’ll still add trim on top of it, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

With that out of the way now, you can add trim to the sides. Because I ran out of blue and because it’s pretty, I chose to use the peacock to finish it off. I pulled a strip of peacock out, the same length as the side of my bag, and folded it over the edge on both sides. I did the same for the bottom, and the top. The top of the bag has those handles on it, and that makes it difficult to fold your trim tape over. Using your scissors or X-Acto knife, make little snips on either side of the straps and fold.

Duck Tape Bag Tutorial | Majestic Adventures

And now it’s finished! Here are two of my bags.

Duck Tape Bag Tutoria

As you can see, I didn’t add anything else onto my blue bag. Wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted, and it looks nice anyways, hehe! If you do want to add something extra, you can add another strip of Duck Tape or your name like on my Emma bag, or I’ve made small Duck Tape flowers and taped them on too. (I don’t have a picture of that one because I gave it away) You could add a bow, even–possibilities are limitless.😀

Well, that’s all. I hope that you guys enjoyed this tutorial! And I hope it all made sense! If there’s anything that I can clarify, let me know! Or does anyone have any questions?? I’ll do my best to answer them for you! I’d love to hear what you guys think.😀

Talk soon! Thanks for dropping by! Emma xo

Jeremiah 32:17

So I was reading in my Bible this morning, in the book of John. In my study notes, it said “See Jer 32:17.” I don’t always flip to the places they direct me to (too many!!) but I thought I would this time, for whatever reason.  I’m glad that I did, because this verse was encouraging to me this morning.

Jeremiah 32 17

YES!! That just makes me so excited! To think that the God who made the earth and sunsets and the stars and the moon and the milky way (both the star system and the candy bar because both are awesome) can tackle whatever problem I’ve got is just AWESOME.❤

and I just wanted to share that verse with you, because just maybe it’ll encourage you too, to know that there’s nothing too hard for Christ.

So…yeah! That’s all!

Emma xo



A Little of This, a Little of That…

A Little of This, a Little of That... | Majestic Adventures

Hellohellohello! It’s me again. Hehe. It’s fun to be random and whatnot, so I thought I’d share with y’all what I’ve recently discovered.

And when I say that, I don’t mean I discovered that the moon is made of cheese (I do quite enjoy that episode of Wallace and Gromit though) or I have successfully discovered how to take a picture of an atom. I’m talking things like a new song or a new verse in the Bible. Just random little things that make life happier all around.🙂

Wallace and Gromit on the Moon made of Cheese

A little of this, a little of that, you might say. And who knows, maybe you’ll find something you think is kinda neat too.🙂

First up…

New Song

I actually discovered this song while reading a book. The song I Go to the Rock was the book’s theme song, and I just had to listen to the words instead of reading them.  It’s such a great reminder that God is always there and…yes, I love it. Dottie Rambo wrote it, but I personally enjoy Whitney Housten’s version.🙂

Where do I go…when there’s nobody else to turn to?

Who do I talk to…when nobody wants to listen?

Who do I lean on…when there is no foundation stable?

I go to the Rock! I know He is able, I go to the Rock!


New Bible Verse

I was browsing Pinterest the other day and came across some picture and the caption was Amos 5:4. Upon Googling it, I found this verse:

Amos 5:4

Isn’t that verse lovely? And, haha, I’ve found I’m like Aunt Clara from Bewitched–we both like doorknobs. While Aunt Clara collects them, I don’t have the room, not with all my books, so I just take pictures, like the one above. Still, you can’t tell me that a doorknob doesn’t make an interesting photograph!

New Drink

Teacup and Saucer

TEA! Yes, yes, I know that tea is a popular drink and some of you may be wondering why I haven’t ever “discovered” it before just now. So here’s my excuse! I never liked tea before. In past tea-tasting experiences, I just didn’t really care for it. It was eh. That is until Mother Dearest bought this “fruit sampler” box of tea–a whole bunch of different flavors, all in a box! That box of delicious sipping goodness has changed my perspective on tea forever. I’ll have a cup of blueberry please, with a buncha honey!

New Book


My grandma gave me this book for Christmas, and I just finished the fourth and final book, and it is AMAZING. This is actually the book where I heard of the song I Go to the Rock! Even though it’s fiction, it’s engaging, encouraging and full of God’s truth! The characters make me laugh, drive me nuts, and…yeah! And I can’t mention Neta Jackson without saying that her Yada Yada series is also stinkin’ amazing. Not to sound redundant or anything, but if you take this paragraph ^^ and apply it to Yada Yada, you’ll get a pretty good idea!🙂

New Recipe

I’ve found two new recipes lately. One for a delicious lemon sour cream pound cake.

A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures Blog

And one for soft pretzels!

Majestic Adventures Blog
my fat little pretzel sticks


The cake, I just dumped most everything in, flipped the KitchenAid on, called it good. (Recipe calls for bowl #1 and #2 and egg yolks here and whites there. Yesh!) Anyways it turned out great! So did the pretzels. First time I made sticks (or logs if you prefer since sticks are generally…thinner) and had to use regular salt since I didn’t have any pretzel salt. Second time I got brave and whipped those babies into ze classic twist–and I had pretzel salt! Without or without the twist, with or without the pretzel salt, it’s easy and yummy.🙂

New Movie


We watched this movie a few months ago maybe? Oh my gosh, I will admit that I was tearing up during this movie…maybe a little. It follows a bunch of different people going through very different stories, and each one of them is approached with the question: Do you believe in what God did for you on the cross? And even though the movie itself is fiction, just seeing the work of God in each of the characters lives is such a powerful thing. A good reminder that God is at work in our lives too!

Can’t really think of anything else to add…of course, once I press PUBLISH I’ll think of something. Ha! Doesn’t it always work that way? Anyway, what new things have you discovered lately?😀 I hope you have a superwonderfulfantasticamazing rest of your day. Until next time!

Love, Emma xo