Anne of Avonlea (The Anne of Green Gables Novels #2) ~ L.M. Montgomery

My copy of "Anne of Avonlea" by L.M. Montgomery
My copy of “Anne of Avonlea” by L.M. Montgomery

As in the first book, Anne Shirley is still as spirited as ever. She’s now a young woman of sixteen, and quite determined to be a good teacher to her pupils. She has befriended a small boy named Paul Irving and they both share their imaginary worlds with each other. In addition to being a teacher, she and her friends have formed a club in which they will make their hometown of Avonlea a better place for all. They gather donations from the local residents towards a specific project to fix it up.

With everything else going on in their lives, Marilla and Anne have taken on the task of raising twins. Prim and proper, Dora obeys every rule perfectly and does exactly as told. On the other hand, a very energetic Davy continually gets into one scrape after another, and can’t help but being Anne’s favorite. The twins bring an adventurous and childish feel to the story.

Throughout the book Anne gets into some trouble, wonders where her life will lead, makes new friends and has to make some very difficult choices. I felt that the book sped along nicely, then it slowed, then it picked up again near the end. Anne of Avonlea is as good as its first book Anne of Green Gables and is a great story. I felt that since Anne is older, she didn’t have as many mistakes as she did when she was younger, though she did get into some pretty funny things. But with Davy and Dora, it made up for the things I missed because of the things they (mostly Davy) got into. Anne continually encouraged Davy to ‘be as good as Paul Irving’. Davy was constantly trying to measure up to Paul, even though Paul is several years his senior. I felt a little sorry for Davy, because he was trying his best. One thing I did enjoy was that there was an unexpected surprise about a friend of Anne’s. A surprise that I will not mention for spoilers sake, though I will say that it was very good surprise and twist. 🙂

I plan to start reading the third book tomorrow, and when I am finished I shall post another review for you all!

Now, I have a question for you. 🙂 Have you read Anne of Avonlea? Did you like, or dislike it? Why or why not? 🙂 Thanks for reading!




3 thoughts on “Anne of Avonlea (The Anne of Green Gables Novels #2) ~ L.M. Montgomery

  1. Koren Elise February 27, 2014 / 6:37 am

    Ooh, PERFECT post as always sweet luove. ❤
    Ann of Avonlea sounds wonderful. ❤ You 'pitched' it so well. 🙂 Well done!
    I think I've started it before… But I don't think I finished it. Not sure. ❤
    I did start the next one though, Ann of Windy Poplars. Is that the next one? (love) I didn't finish that one either. XD
    Anyway, that you for another wonderful post, Em! ❤ Love you heaps.


    • Koren Elise February 27, 2014 / 6:39 am

      By the way, it wasn’t that Ann of Avonlea or Ann of Windy Poplars weren’t good books that I didn’t finish them!!!!!! Sorry, it sort of sounds like it when I said that. XD
      I just had lots of other things to read at the time, that’s why. 🙂 I should start ’em again! Thanks Emma! ❤


      • Emma February 27, 2014 / 6:18 pm

        Thank you, Koren!
        No, “Anne of the Island” is the next one. 🙂 I just started it this morning. 🙂 I think “Anne of Windy Poplars” is next, however. 🙂

        All good, it’s fine Koren! Thanks!


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