Anne of Windy Poplars – L.M. Montgomery

Anne of Windy Poplars -- LM Montgomery
Anne of Windy Poplars — LM Montgomery

The Anne of Green Gables books keep getting better and better, that’s all I’m saying. 😀 Anne of Windy Poplars was truly the best book out of them all (so far, mwahaha. I still have three more to go!) Why? I’m not entirely sure. I just loved the way it was written and the problems that arose and the ways that Anne solved them. Here’s an overview of the book:

Anne Shirley has taken a three-year job as principal in the town of Summerside. She lives with two widows and a housekeeper at the residence ‘Windy Poplars’. Of course, she knows it’s going to be hard to win the respect of the Pringles.

The Pringles practically rule Summerside. They either like you or they don’t. And the definitely don’t like Anne. They’re determined to make her unwelcome. They’re a snobbish, rude family. Anne goes out of her way to be kind and hopes to make friends with the Pringles one day, but it’s not going to be easy.

When she’s not writing letters to her fiancée (who shall remain nameless) she’s making new friends with the girl down the street or helping solve many of the problems – or even learning some of Summerside’s secrets.

Well. 🙂 I hope that intrigues you.

When I first opened the book I saw that it was split into three parts: First Year, Second Year and Third Year. Within these parts they had regular chapters 1, 2, 3 … and when it came to a new part it started over. 🙂 It was different, but it didn’t bother me none. Just surprised me. Another thing that was different, the first few chapters are Anne’s letters to her fiancée. Again, it didn’t bother me any, it just surprised me. After the first few chapters it goes back to the regular third person view, occasionally slipping back into Anne’s letter writing. 🙂 This different format was nice and I liked it. Don’t let the different formatting I just mentioned keep you from reading!

Things I really liked: Anne is such a friendly person (even if she does get angry or upset, but that makes her all the more human) and she doesn’t give up on friendships. I like that about her. Even though she’s the principal of the school she can still daydream and imagine things. She imagines with her friend, Little Elizabeth and together they dream about their fairyworld. She’s funny, too. She’s able to laugh at herself when she makes mistakes or does something truly hilarious.
Anne met new people – all the time. There are so many people to keep track of and at times it was confusing to me. When I kept reading I was able to get to know them better so that when I read their names I would know who they are. 🙂 A few people just annoyed me to pieces, but it was their personality. It made the story interesting, to tell you the truth. The widows and housekeeper Anne stayed with at Windy Poplars were just dears. I loved their character and their part in the story.

Well there you have it. A review on The Anne of Green Gables Novels #4 by L.M. Montgomery – Anne of Windy Poplars! I hope that if you decide to read the book you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did. If you’ve already read it, let me know what you thought in the comments!

Thanks for reading. 🙂




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