Shall We Go Zip Lining?

Shall We Go Ziplining? | Majestic Adventures

So let’s be real here guys…heights? Not my thing.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go zip lining. This was not my first activity choice. My first choice was a 3 v. 3 basketball game, which I didn’t want to miss. Lucky for me, basketball wasn’t until that evening. Translation: I had plenty of time to go zip lining.

Yeah…lucky me.

Zip lining in and of itself sounds like a bucket and barrel full of fun. (And I’m not being sarcastic here.) It’s not the zip-lining that’s the problem…it’s that whole height factor. I mean…yeah. There’s not really much more that needs to be said about that.

I got my harness on and stood in line, waiting for my turn. I was feeling pretty good about it, too. This is going to be no big deal, I thought. I mean, how hard is it to walk up the steps to the platform and slide down? This will be easy.

That’s how everyone was making it look anyways.

Everything was going fine until I started walking up the steps with my friend. I thought, is it too late to turn back? Probably…I’m up here…I can’t back out now…Fear can’t win…can’t be that hard, right…I guess I’m going zip lining, folks…

My hands were gripping both sides of the rail and I was not going to look down.

At the top, the zip liner dude in charge of the whole shebang checked my friend’s harness. After, he checked mine. Adjusted it. Checked mine again. And again. It was making me nervous.

As he admitted my friend and I onto the platform, our harnesses having passed the safety inspection, I had to ask the question that was running through my mind. Because there was no way I was going down without asking it.

“Um…is there some sort of weight limit on this thing or something?”

Zip Line Dude looked up at me and said, “Yeah, only 1,400 pounds.”

I laughed, trying to brush off my nervousness. “Oh, right, so, I should be safe then, hahaha…I’m not going to fall…”

So now I stood up there, on that platform twenty-five or so feet in the air, with railing on three of the four sides. (I never stopped gripping said railing.) It was daunting. Totally not a fan. I searched the people below for my brother, who had just finished his own zip lining expedition, and was now safely on the ground. He waved.

I took a few deep breaths as I watched my friend go down the zip line. It looked like fun, and I did want to do it. I was just a little…uncomfortable, up there where only birds, airplanes, trees, and mountaintops are supposed to be.

I didn’t want fear to keep me from trying something new, but this was…eergghhh. I’ve been listening to this great new song that was released two days ago, and I thought of it as I was up there. It’s called Fearless by Jasmine Murray. (I’ll share it at the bottom. It’s awesome!) Fearless. Well, shall we go zip lining?

“You can sit down and go off that way,” Zip Liner Dude said when I didn’t really make a move towards actually, you know, zip lining.

“Okay…yes…that sounds like a good plan…” Somehow that option sounded safer than just hurling myself off the edge. I don’t know.

I sat down, and I could hear my friends cheering me on from below. I closed my eyes. I’m going to do this. I’m not going to think about it. I’m just going to…GO!

With a scream (terror or thrill, not too sure) I was off, speeding down the zip line…it was soooooo fun guys! I went a lot faster than I thought I would, even as I scooted off the edge. Some people before me tilted upside down, but I was just excited about doing it upright, I didn’t even think about going upside down. Not that I would want to if I had happened to think about it.

I was mega excited as I regrouped with my friends. I DID IT! That was a feeling of great accomplishment.

And hey, if you have 3 minutes and 3 seconds, I really like this song. I think you might too! Happy Music Monday (on a Sunday, because I don’t feel like waiting, haha.)

Much love, Emma xoxo

Behind the song for anyone interested…



5 thoughts on “Shall We Go Zip Lining?

  1. Julia Howard February 6, 2017 / 10:31 am

    That sounds great! I know what you mean about the heights. 🙂 When my family and I went to Costa Rica, we went zip lining and boy was it high! We were literally higher than the trees (which were really tall). Bravo for being fearless!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Emma February 8, 2017 / 4:51 pm

      Oh my GOODNESS! That sounds like such a thrilling adventure, but scary at the same time!! And I thought my zip line was high, lol! Bravo for YOU as well, Julia!! Did you enjoy it? 😀


  2. kokodownunder February 16, 2017 / 8:28 am

    Oh Emma! I SO admire your courage. ❤ I'm SO glad you pushed through that uncomfortableness and went zip lining—and that you enjoyed it! I had exactly the same experience when I went zip lining at a camp a couple of years ago. I thought I was going to pass out from uncomfortableness (like you, heights are not my thing O_O ); my heart was beating so hard and my hands were cold and clammy—and I took forever to actually step off the platform. BUT HOW FUN IS IT?! I got to the bottom of the long zip line and just wanted to do it again! 😉

    Hey—maybe next time you'll go upside down a little! 😀

    Loved this and love you!
    Koko ❤


    • Emma February 20, 2017 / 8:49 am

      Eeeeee!!! Well GOOD ON YOU TOO for zip lining!!!! That is terrific! I know, I know, it’s totally daunting, but once you actually take a leap of faith (haha) and do it, it’s sooooo fun! I was just about to ask if you wanted to do it again XD but I see that you already said you would! *highfive*
      Hahaha…you’re so funny… 😉 Only if you do, ma’dear! 😉
      Love you too!

      Liked by 1 person

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