The Tree of the Forest ~ A Guest Post with Ethan

Hello hello! 🙂 Today I am here with my brother Ethan, who was so kind as to agree to another guest post. Some of you may remember him from quite a few months ago when he shared about his harrowing ordeal with a skunk. I asked if he would allow me to share the story he narrated not too long ago, and he said yes! So without further ado, may I present The Tree of the Forest by Ethan. We hope you enjoy!

There once was a tree. This tree grew. It grew a leaf. But a young boy came along and plucked its only life source away.

Before it lost all of its energy, it bore a seed. As the tree grew dry, the seed dropped in a mighty wind. The seed had better luck than its parent and it landed on good, fresh soil not far from its ancestor. It grew, it sprouted, it gained in mass.

A bird came to perch on its arm and then this young boy came along with a slingshot. He shot at the bird, but he missed. Instead, he left a scar on the tree where the rock collided. The bird flew away.

After the bird flew away the boy left as well, leaving the tree alone with a scar to remind himself of the mishap. The tree decided then and there to grow deeper, wider, taller, than any others. To be stronger, to be better, and to be greater than the rest of the grove, so that no young child could ever leave another wound.

Many years later, once it had accomplished what it dreamed to be, it developed a sickness. When the young boy left the mark on the tree, a spore blew into the gash. This spore developed over time, spreading across the tree until it reached the roots, siphoning the life out of the biggest tree. As the fungus grew, the tree withered. Bark began peeling off and the fresh leaves wrinkled and lost their vibrant green. The mighty tree turned brown and the roots decayed away while the fungus grew in strength.

When the tree couldn’t hold itself up any longer, the roots gave way. In a gust of wind the trunk shattered in half, spewing out spores of fungus and contaminating the nearby trees. As time passed the sickness among the forest was persistent. The blight had created a chain reaction and successfully polluted every tree before another generation of trees were able to sprout. The forest deadened, losing its ability to persevere, and perished. From one child’s mistake, a forest of healthy trees was destroyed.

After a century passed, what was once a beautiful forest was now the location of a lush meadow, healthier than any other in its time.

The End.

I guess the moral of the story would be to be careful with slingshots, huh? Not quite the ending I expected…but hey, I like plot twists! What did you think; were you surprised by the ending? Thanks Ethan for joining us today! If you enjoyed this post, comment below and let him know, and maybe I’ll get him back for another guest post soon. 😉

Emma xo


An Unexpected Adventure – A Guest Post

Hey all! Emma here. I am here with a GUEST on the blog today! My brother Ethan, whom I so frequently refer to as The Bro in my posts, has agreed to share his latest adventure with you all today. This is something I have been hoping to do for a long time, so I am very excited. So without further ado, may I present…

An Unexpected Adventure – by Ethan

Once upon a time, I was bored. And by bored, I mean pretty much every day I have off. Since my hobbies consist of metal detecting, an adventure, or fishing of some sort, there’s not many times I can fulfill my desires because I cannot yet drive and I must rely on someone else to take me.

So with the help of Google Maps I found a pond and it’s the only body of water within feasible bike riding distance. So without hesitation I packed my equipment and fishing pole into my backpack. Luckily the fishing pole broke down into two pieces so it could be transferred safely. I rode like the wind with high hopes that I may have just found a fishing hole.

Once I arrived I realized what I had found. It was, in fact, a hole. What Google Maps did not tell me was that it was a retention pond from the gobs of parking lots surrounding me. My enthusiasm shrank as I was preparing my tackle and readying my pole. This wasn’t quite the paradise I was hoping for.

Though there were fish that I saw, I was targeting bass and as I gazed across the two acre retention pond I realized that the depth was slightly lacking. (Depth is usually a good thing with bass fishing.)

I strapped on a fake minnow and cast it out. It is my go-to bait. Within minutes a bass had started following my lure up to the shore, where I was standing. And then I knew. I had found my heaven on earth.

A few months later…

Once again here I am, bored, on my day off. I had already begged my parents and sister to take me fishing. With no surprise, they said no. Even though my paradise was an answer to prayers, it felt as though the challenge had left because the pond was so small. But as it was my only choice, I packed my tackle into my backpack. I returned to the pond in hopes of catching a bass worthy of mentioning.

I had walked around and fished half the pond with no success, when finally, I was able to outsmart one of the bass and haul it in. It was no trophy, being sixteen inches and two and a half pounds, and it only partially fulfilled my craving for fishing. I released the bass when another fish came up out of nowhere.

I quickly changed my lure for another presentation when I heard rustling in the leaves. I had seen a bird earlier so I glanced over my shoulder, but the foliage was too thick to see anything. I was having difficulty changing lures and again I heard rustling in the leaves next to me. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw.

It was a skunk.

Among the many expeditions I have undertaken, never once have I encountered a skunk so close. It was five feet away, under a bush. I was startled by the white-striped mammal and immediately I dropped my pole and, faster than a bolt of lightning, ran along the trail. I thought it inevitable that I would be taking a bath in tomato juice but to my surprise he didn’t spray. I stopped about thirty feet later, to make sure I was out of range. I had never felt so hunted in my life as I realized it was following me. I yelled and threw a branch near it to try and scare it away, but my attempts were futile. It kept walking along the same path as I, with its own signature waddle.

This saying has never been more true to me: Between a rock and a hard place. On one side there was the retention pond I hoped never to enter. On the other, an eight foot chain link fence, lined with barbed wire. I was truly trapped. With one way to go and the path not wide enough to go around the skunk, I had to simply retreat farther down the trail. It seemed that nothing would stop this juggernaut. (And the definition of juggernaut would be, a massive force, not to be persuaded, moved, or stopped.)

Having retreated all the way, I finally got to the point where it was wide enough to hide in the bushes, hoping it would pass. As I stood in the bushes, not only had the skunk lost sight of me, but I lost sight of it. Thinking I had outsmarted it and it would walk by, I stood there for a while. I couldn’t help but entertain thoughts of the furry ninja sneaking up and ferociously attacking me. With every passing moment I expected to get a closer look at this animal, but it didn’t happen.

Once I realized it wasn’t coming I stepped back out onto the trail. I crept up to where I last saw it and it had vanished. With my experience in the woods I had not forgotten to look up. Yes, up–into the trees. It was no surprise that it hadn’t ventured upward, but I wanted to check, just to make sure. Better safe than sorry.

With further investigation I stumbled upon a hole in the ground. It was in fact the only hiding place that the skunk could be. I deemed it wise to end my investigation there, as provoking the skunk any more, might have resulted in a foul stench on the ride home. I placed a stick over the hole so that I’d know if it crept out again. I hustled to where I’d ended my fishing expedition and packed up. The stick had not been moved, and I made it safely back to the bike, and headed home.

The moral of the story would be: There’s always the chance of adventure in anything that you do, even if you’ve done it over and over again for months.

Thank you Ethan for being a guest on my blog! I hope y’all enjoyed the post. We had a lot of fun putting it together! If anyone has any questions or comments, comment below and Ethan will answer for you. 😉 Ciao! ❤


A Guest Post with an Elephant

Hello hello hello! I am very pleased and honored and excited to tell you guys that we have a guest poster! YAYYYYY. This is my first ever time to have guest poster here, so I am pretty darn excited. Aren’t you?! This is going to be fun. Something a little different than just me talking all the time. I think you’ll enjoy it. So I am very pleased to introduce you to my wonderful friend who goes by the name of Koko Down Under.

 A Guest Post with an Elephant | Majestic Adventures

1. I’m so happy that you were willing to guest post on my blog! For my followers who don’t know you, would you care to introduce yourself? 😀

Sure thing – hi! In short, I’m Koko, a sister/writer/music-maker saved by incredible grace. Whilst my blog is overall bookishly (is that a word?) themed, you can find me posting about the random + unexpected. You’re welcome to join me on my adventures @ His Little Elephant.


2. Since your [amazing] blog features a variety of things, books and writing being two of them, that’s what I would love to interview you about! Thanks for being willing to talk about it. 🙂 That being said, why do you love books? Why do you love writing?  

Aw, thank you for talking to me about it! ❤ Hmm, call it the nosiness in me, but there is something so fascinating about snooping into someone else’s imagination (which is basically what reading is, right?). And then, making your imagination into something that other people can not only snoop into, but find enjoyment (hopefully!) in as well? Ahh, that is just plain cool. 😀

Also, learning new words. Learning new words is awesome. 😉


 3. Favorite book/book series?

Ughhh. Well, this is a lovely question, isn’t it? Well, I am in the thick of The Lunar Chronicles at the moment, and um, they are like really good (adjklfaklsda) so far. Hopefully they will stay that way! As for a stand alone book I really enjoyed, All Fall Down by Ally Carter. AHHHH. MaY I jUsT sqUeAK?!


4. What’s your favorite genre to read? Do you find it easy or hard to try reading books in different genres or not?

To be honest, I don’t think I have a favourite genre; I like anything as long as it’s well written, understandable, and not scary. XD So, for example, I find it hard to read fantasy novels (the absurd yet creative names of the characters and places just throw me off because of their unusualness, lol!) and I wouldn’t read horror novels or whatever because, no, that would be scary. XD

You know what I mean?


 5. Are you a rereader?

If it’s a good book, yes.

 See, right now I could seriously reread Cinder again, even though I just finished it three days ago, BECAUSE THAT BOOK WAS SOO GOOD OH MY LANDDD.


6. Do you have any other interests other than reading and writing?

Yes, actually, reading + writing is one of my minor hobbies, funnily enough! As mentioned above, I’m obsessed with anything to do with music. I am also a mild Pinterest fanatic. 😀


7. Do you have a favorite bookish quote? (This can be a quote about reading or simply a favorite line from the last book you read.)

This is a really, really good question. You can see all my favourites here, but my absolute favourite would have to be this one:

Write something today, even if it sucks.

Baha, I just find that so encouraging. It’s okay if you don’t reach your word count, it’s okay if nothing’s coming out but sucky writing (chances are it isn’t, though!), it’s okay if it’s just not working today. It’s okay. Just keep writing! ❤


  8. Where do you find inspiration for what you write?

Out of so many things! Pinterest and random ideas that just come to me out of the blue, mostly. 😀


  9. And now here come a few questions about writing! What do you enjoy writing about?

I like writing about people who are different; the odd one out; the unique one. It will usually be set in the present time, but I dabble in historical fiction on occasion. 😉


10. Write by hand or type by computer?

When I was younger, I had a bajillion notebooks that I wrote in, but now, I use my computer. It’s a lot easier on my fingers. XD


11. Do you edit-as-you-go or write now–edit later?

I am usually fixing small things up as I go, but as for big things like plot holes or an inconsistent personality in one of my characters, I will leave it for the end where I do a line-by-line edit. I will usually go over it a few more times after that, too. 😀


12. What’s the easiest part of writing for you? What’s the hardest?

The easiest part of writing for me is writing the ending of a story. And, the hardest part would probably be everything else. XD Beginning a story is always tricky for me, making strong, individual characters is a challenge, and making my writing beautiful is occasionally frustrating when the sentences just won’t blend. But it’s all fun; it’s a challenge, but it’s a good one. 😀


Thanks so, so much, sweet Emma, for having me on your blog, and for guest posting on my blog as well! If you guys want to see Emma’s answers to these questions (you do, you do; they are awesomeee!), hop on over to my blog and check them out!

It’s me again! I hope you guys enjoyed having Koko guest post as much as I did. 🙂 And, yes, you read right. Koko’s asked me to answer these questions over at her blog, and that post was posted the same time as this one. 🙂 Hehehe, this was a lot of fun. 😀 Until next time my loyal followers! I hope you have a wonderful day. Emma x