Morning May Musings

Well, it’s May now! I wanted to share some pictures that I took and something that Jesus has been whispering to my heart lately. I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful, blessed rest of your week. Jesus loves you! xoxo Emma

Don’t focus on the bad…


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

…and miss out on the beauty.

A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

Keep your eyes focused on Me…


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

…and I will show you My beauty, despite the ashes around you.


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

My child, listen to Me when I say…


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

…I lifted the sun to rise in the sky.


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

I woke the flowers from their slumber…


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

…and painted the evening sky with color.


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

And if I take care of My smallest creations…


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

then let the little things in life serve as a reminder…


A Bookworm's Majestic Adventures

I will take care of you too.



Happy November!

Hello and good evening to all my friends in the blogging and internet world! Today’s post will be about fall and winter and Thanksgiving and possibly some ramblings. I almost included Christmas in the selection, but I’ll save that for another post. After Thanksgiving. 😉

Well, it’s here. November. (How did it come so quickly? Time sure does fly!) Nearly the end of the year, though we won’t get into that too much today. We still have 45 days before 2015 to go, let’s enjoy it to its fullest. How have you enjoyed this wonderfully chilly autumn weather? My schedule’s been pretty filled up, but not too filled to notice the beautiful colored leaves and the sun  (when it decides to make an appearance) and the need for hot cocoa again. Sometimes I think it’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life that we, or at least I, don’t always take time to appreciate everything going on around me. Especially lately when the weather is too cold and too cloudy for my taste, and the snow comes earlier than expected.

At least I have plenty of hot chocolate mix.

Anything can be fixed with a smile and a mug of hot chocolate, loaded down with puffy marshmallows. Don’t you agree?

As I was saying, autumn and winter are both so gorgeous! I can’t keep it all to myself, so I thought I would share a few pictures of mine with you.

Colorful leaves | majesticadventure wordpress blogI liked the colors of the leaves and the grass, and the bright red leaf there. 🙂

Water on Leaf | majesticadventures wordpress blog

I thought my little camera, Samsung ST66, did on picking up the droplets on the leaf. 🙂 Pleasantly surprised!

frosted leaf | majesticadventures wordpress blog

And my personal favorite of the bunch, what I have dubbed, The Frosted Leaf picture, taken quickly before leaving for church one morning after a cold frost had enveloped the remaining and scattered leaves that still remained on the ground. (That was a long sentence. But I liked how it sounded so it’s going to stay.)

So there’s a little bit of beauty I wanted to share with you. 🙂

Other than leaves and the change of temperature that come with fall and November, there’s also Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving! When I think of Thanksgiving, first thing that comes to mind is family. Family and food. Of course, there’s more to Thanksgiving than pumpkin pie and turkey, so tell me – what are you thankful for today? Five things. Comment five things you’re thankful for. That is your task. Mine? I have many, but…well, here they are.

1) A God who loves and listens and answers prayers

2) A loving family

3) Beautiful friends

4) My dog (my dog is awesome, and I had to put him in the list somewhere.)

5) Pie. (Yes, I know you saw that coming. But I love pie. Whoever invented it, invented deliciousness. And I love deliciousness.)

SO! Do you remember your assignment? Comment five things your thankful for. Ready? GO!




Samsung ST66 HD 5X Camera

My Samsung ST66 HD Camera – Front

My Samsung ST66 5X HD Camera – Back

I got my camera for Christmas two years ago, and have used it nearly every day. I love to take pictures of everything under the sun (literally), and this camera was just perfect. It’s small, light and has great picture quality. When I was given my camera, I also received an SD card because the camera itself does not have much memory. I highly recommend getting the SD card; I’ve had over 200 photos on my camera at one time without it being full, so there’s no need to worry about running out of memory when on a photo shoot.

There are many things I like about this camera. First, I liked its size. I can fit it into my pocket like I would a cell phone, or it will tuck easily into my purse. The camera comes with a wrist strap that you can slip your hand into so it won’t drop, but it’s not adjustable so you can tighten it to your wrist.

I was very impressed with the battery life. The battery lasts for a long time; it can go for days without charging.

This camera doesn’t have a lot of buttons on it, and once you get to know the few there are then you’ll have no trouble at all.

Pressing the Menu button opens up a variety of choices to personalize your camera such as the sound the shutter makes, the photo size, display brightness and what language you want it, and more.

The Mode button brings up different types of pictures you can take. In the ‘Scene’ section, you can choose to take a picture in ‘sunset mode’, ‘text’, ‘beauty shot’ and more. Personally, I don’t care much for the settings in the Scene section because I can take just as good of photos using Smart Auto.

Smart Auto doesn’t allow you to have any effects when taking pictures (unless you add the effects after the picture is taken) but it produces clear, crisp photos. It can be picky about how close the camera is to an object before it gets blurry, however. It is a little frustrating at times, but if you have the patience to just adjust the camera, all is well. One thing I have found quite irritating is that after you take a picture while in Smart Auto mode, you have to wait until the ‘SMART A’ button on the side stops flashing before you can take another photo. It is very frustrating when I am trying to get a picture of something that’s passing by, but if you go into any other camera mode there is no problem with this.

If you want to add effects while taking a picture, you would choose ‘Program’. Program allows you to add one of nine different effects, and then take a picture with that effect. (You access these effects by pressing the Fn button, and then it will bring up a menu of options that are available.) The effects are very good ones, and they give my pictures something more. I really love using the effects. You can even add effects after a picture has been taken, as I mentioned before. You can do this by going to the photo you want to edit, the press Menu, Edit, Smart Filter. 🙂

The zoom works fairly well, but it depends on what setting you are in. If you are in the Program setting it gets blurry faster, but if you are in Smart Auto it works very well!

There is a video camera, and it works very well. The video quality is good, but the sound is iffy. When you go back to watch the video, sometimes the audio is very quiet, yet other times it is just fine. It’s something to mess around with. But since I do not use the video camera much I don’t know if it is a certain option I have set up. Either way, what matters more to me is the picture quality.

This camera is the best I have ever used, and I use it very often. I recommend this camera to anybody who loves to take pictures!

What about you? Do you own a Samsung ST66 or any other type of camera? How do you like yours?